Proper approach for Santos Dumont (SBRJ)

I’ve noticed a lot of people using the improper approach to SBRJ today. Given that we have a lot of traffic in the area today, I figured I’d post some IAC charts for 20L and 02R.


Thank you, that is certainly good and useful info.
Although we encourage IFATC to use real world approaches, this is not mandatory. As long as the required aircraft separation is maintained, we’re good.

But again, good tips for a proper approach is always welcome.


I find this approach particularly challenging and enjoyable, so just a wish of mine. I would agree it’s not 100% necessary for a 20L approach other than cross traffic avoidance from SBGL, however, with terrain at 1336’ on final approach to 02R, it may save you from a sticky situation…

Slightly irrelevant but quick question regarding take off for SBRJ in the airbus a319-100…

Powering up straight to 90-100% is slightly unrealistic however its the only way ive been able to take off before reaching the end of the runway at SBRJ… have you guys had similar experiences or what is your strategy for taking off on such a small runway?

What flaps setting are you using? I believe you can go up to flaps 3 on the A319. (The graphic below is for the A320). What takeoff weight?

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Flaps 1, take off weight 63,000kg (in the green range)

Seems to be taking too long to reach 150kts which is the usual point at which i pull up

For an SBRJ 02R departure,63,000kg, Config 3, TOGA, would be V1 122 VR 129 V2 137.
150 is WAY too fast

You got me interested now, IRL do they use 02R/20L for all operations?

Essentially yes, 02L/20R is even shorter than 02R/20L - it is to short (I believe) for commercial planes.

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The difference in length isn’t that big there. I ended up using 20L for arrivals and 20R for departures which I feel gave me the highest possible capacity. It’s a really fun airport nonetheless.


Didn’t seem to be fast enough for me

I believe so. The 02R approach is my favorite POUSO RIO DE JANEIRO - SANTOS DUMONT - SBRJ - RWY 02R - YouTube

There are many other approaches to SBRJ 20L than that one you pointed out so don’t assume all others were wrong :).

True, I just posted approaches from the west. There are some others, but definitely not straight in, as I’d seen most flying.

Indeed, all approaches will be short to avoid SBGL traffic. I did a 1h session on approach yesterday and was using a plate that I like a lot which brings traffic overhead for a visual approach from the left downwind.

But even vectoring pilots like that when I cleared them and handed to tower several would still fly a long downwind instead of doing a short base. Anyway… still all good :). Fun place.

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Flaps 2 would help a lot. I fly the a319 often and use flaps 2 most of the time.
My 2 cents…

Straight off the EFB

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