Proper actions for Intermittent network problems on approach/final in controlled airspace?

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This has been happening to me this morning … I kept on cutting out and then cutting back in right on top of another aircraft, repeating my request, or not having made some requests. Prob driving controllers crazy on expert server. Of course just ending the flight is an option, but is there another option?


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Probably just go in hold?

As I’m an Expert Server Controller myself, I can confirm that it’s very annoying for us. It’s not easy to communicate with a Pilot, who’s internet connection cuts off again and again. If the airspace is crowded it could get hard to land there. In the worst case you have to divert to an uncontrolled airport.

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I’ve never been in this situation, but I would recommend a few things:

  • Try to fix the connection issue by moving rooms, changing internet, etc

  • If the problem won’t resolve itself, divert to a different airport. Do not take this the wrong way please, but people with connection issues negatively affects traffic and it is truly best for everyone for you to divert.

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So the divert seems to be most in line with radio/com failure in real world (the comsensus answer for googling radio failure procedures),which is that if you are in VMC, to divert out controlled airspace using VFR. It gets more complicated when you need to continue in IFR.

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@Michael… or any controller: What IF Comm Command should be utilized to request a devertion to an alternate when under positive control in the situation described; WIFI disruption, lag and Flight Plan changes are a common occurrence? Max Sends

I started a similar thread…the following is from Mark Denton.

I’ve noticed happening a lot on Expert Server. Being a controller myself it can be annoying but I believe there is a lot of connection problems & I blame the Alpha testers for it, sorry guys.

TCAS is your friend :)

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