Propelling Nozzles

Would love to see propelling nozzles that fighter jets have on their engines incorporated into IF. For those that don’t know these are adjustable area nozzles that expand or contract at different thrust for a jet fighter. During lower speed acceleration the nozzle(s) lose area to control the exiting gas pressure . At higher speed and during the use of afterburners the nozzles expand due to a greater area needed to maintain the constant pressure of gas exiting.

Here is a video of a static afterburner test of a J79 jet engine. At the 2:08 mark you can see the flex of the nozzle.

For more info on propelling nozzles check out this link


Definitely would be good in the game, great topic!

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Propelling nozzles are not the same as afterburners, and function regardless of afterburners being used.

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Finally, something actually useful instead of 25 billion useless liveries.

Yes please.


Agreed @IceBlue

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@KeDoG3: MaxSez: Deleted comment that duplicated yr Wiki link. Did not fully read your Topic explanation! Regrets, Max

(Note: All Jet Fighters in the IF inventory are exact replica. They all have PN’s.)

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