Propellers and jet engines

I was wondering what if we had more military propelled aircraft like the Texan for example,the C130 needs a rework desperately I have attached a photo below. I have never seen soo many posts on facebook about one single plane and a rework, if your wondering what the plane is. It is the A350 FB_IMG_1561924404164|720x540 IMG_20191123_224322_937|830x434 I honestly think everyone needs to calm down when there is a new update.
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I hiiiiighly agree with you, but there is a Features section for that. Wait till you’re TL2 to post there. In the meantime, I’ll give you the requests for aircraft that you’ve mentioned in this post that you can vote on

The main reason why many people are soo hyped for the a350 is because it was heavily requested and has been in development for quite along time. As well as the fact that no one expected it to release this year.

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