Propeller Planes - How to fly them

Hi everyone,

As fun as it is to fly the most recent 2018 release of planes (with APPR) , its also entertaining to challenge myself with VFR planes…

Such as the Cessna 172

I like flying this plane for its realistic purpose. If any novice pilot (at least in my area) wanted to train as a private pilot, you would essentially use a Cessna 172.

It is very sensitive to any changes so it makes for a responsive experience, unlike bigger airplanes .

The point with the Cessna 172 I am currently at, which I find most difficult, is somehow on takeoff! The propeller engine seems to send air under the body of the plane and around the tail which then sends it out of control to the right or to the left… you have to be a PRO with the rudder and VS and Throttle for it to be a smooth take off…

Takeoff Speed: 60
Climb Speed: 90
VS: 400
No Flaps, No Trim

Any one have some pro-tips?

P.S. Most single engine propeller planes are hard as HECK to fly (for me) … I’d rather fly an A380 or 747-8 on the visual.

For me, props are easier to fly then Airliners as they move more easily.

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Honestly, rudder input and sensitivity are the most crucial elements to mastering the 172 like other GA Prop. Try tweaking some settings on Solo; in the in-app setting try adjusting the rudder sensitivity and turning off “Auto-Coordination” may help too.


Yes I’ve been trying to play around with these settings! I’m wondering if there is a way to get the rudder to stay straight! Hopefully one of these settings helps with that

Press ‘Calibrate’ when you press pause in the bottom right of your screen

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I have found that easing the throttle during takeoff roll helps too. It gives you time to manipulate the rudder accordingly. While in Solo try different settings (Rudder Sensitivity and Auto-Coordination) with the winds at Zero. As you get accustomed to the aircraft’s characteristics you can change the winds and start mastering the crosswind and tailwind takeoffs.


I apologize for the confusion. Pitch and Roll sensitivity can be adjusted. I’m sorry for misleading anyone.

However do note that controls sensitivity can be changed. Under Settings -> General -> Controls Sensitivity; sensitivity can be set to Low, Normal or High. You will also find Auto-Coordination here and then there are more options in the Controls section as well.


The TBM does this as well - given its a propellor plane. I was doing T&Gs in it yesterday and since i hadn’t flown it in ages it just swerved over to the left before I knew what was going on.

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Propeller airplanes are so much fun to fly. Take the time to figure them out, and your IF experience will improve massively!

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Almost there! Still tinkering with this whole auto coordination setting… Trying to catch on to the differences the settings can make. I wish the plane itself had those settings programmed…

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