Propeller in replay

I noticed this already a while ago with the strobes. If you fly and after landing you turn off the lights or the engine and then go to replay, the whole flight will be shown as if you flew with everything off.

Wasn’t able to put the video sorry.

Hi, maybe try restarting your device and reinstalling the app and redownloading aircraft.
Hope this helps, 305…

It’s been doing this since i got if so I did that multiple times already. Does it happen to anyone else or is it maybe my settings gone wrong?

@Captain_Zen Reproduced the issue, and it seems as I have the same problem as well. Perhaps this is a known bug/issue and it will be fixed in an upcoming update/hotfix, hope this helps and warm regards, 305…


Thank you so much for your help! Hope it will be fixed especially for people who want to do videos.

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Mark “solved” so the thread can be closed ;).

Yes I don’t know how to close it tough

A moderator will because it is solved, im glad to help you :).

It’s not really an issue per se - just one of the myriad of bugs in the replay system. It’ll be fixed eventually!