Prop the Coast! (Hmm worth your click XD)

Random photos on my first ever Q400 flight after 4000 flight hours…:D

Server: Expert Server…
Time: 1100Z Apr.28
Callsign: Qatari 1104
Plane: Q-link Q-400

-And here are the photos…-

Parallel approach with another Q400 piloted by @CmdtBrunoVian

“Cleared to land”

An A380 piloted by @benkunz peeking through Q400s

Touch down… with one engine working…lol

@benkunz rolling for departure while my Q400 giving way to a Q-link 717 piloted by @Yae.Miko

On domestic ramp with @Yae.Miko @CmdtBrunoVian

Yep and that’s all, vote down here for the “❤️est”~

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Somehow the “touch down” picture looks like a Tupolev Tu-114 with that long nose gear-.-
Pic by Michael Hall on

@Yae.Miko @CmdtBrunoVian Hello guys👋Thank you for parallel approach/parking~

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we made a nice parallel landing… the timing of the approach speed was extreme

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Yeah! It’s extremely rare to see two propeller airplanes doing parallel approach at such busy airport!

Worth the click indeed, today is my one year mark since I’ve joined the IFC. Nice shots!

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Happy One Year Anniversary and thank you~ Looking forward to see you on the radar soon :D

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That’s awesome! Great shot me on departure :) I landed at YMML.

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Thank you very much for providing a fantastic contrast between A380 and Q400 XD


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