Prop Noises and the Smell of 100LL

Hello, IFC

I have nothing to say, really.

In all honesty I am posting these topics to have a bit of a dopamine boost and also to get feedback and ways to improve my photos.

Here we go.

These were taken at Lognes airfield (LFPL). Yesterday.

A very nice looking DR400 with a fresh paint job

A Reims F152 with a very happy guy inside :D

A muy interesante Mooney M20 on the cutting board

A really slick home-built and home-painted MCR-4S owned by one of the leaders of the French Woman Pilot Association

An absolutely beautiful Yak-52

F-GLOR, a helicopter that I know quite well already

Last but not least, a Jodel Ambassadeur with a funny sticker under the cockpit window

Thanks for having a look!



He’s got a big smiley face lol 😀

He almost looks a little terrified…


I’m taking pictures, he’s posing ;)

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Any one else see a grim cute little smile in that aircraft. Once you see it you cant un see it


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