Prop Fly-in Sunday

Hey guys, I’m new on here. So I apologize if this is inappropriate. I was reading a thread about challenging airports, and a couple people posted about Big Bear L35 in SoCal.

I have been wondering why nobody flys to L35 despite the fact that SoCal always has a decent amount of traffic. Its a fun approach on runway 26, and it’s a challenging left and right pattern. Plus there is a lot of parking for fly-ins.

Is there any interest in a Sunday morning fly-in? I’m proposing 10:00am - 1:00pm pacific time, July 5th. I think it would be fun to leave the jets in the hanger, and have a challenging high altitude event for props.


I think that Agua Dulce Airpark L70 would be a good starting point for beginners. My guess is that it would about 30min in a 172 or Super to climb through the mountains to Big Bear, and there would be a good escape to the north if you got in trouble

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I forgot to designate a server… ATC Playground.

I’ll come join!

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Would love to (always fly to Big Bear in the SR22) but I’m in Australia so can’t do 10am US Pacific time.

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I live two hours away from big bear 😂

Omg I love big bear and I’m so happy others do to. I always pretend I’m doing a FedEx relief mission or something XD

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