Proof XP doesn't make you an obedient pilot

I was controlling ground and tower at KDEN tonight and I got this one aircraft, grade 4, loads of XP and flight time…but he refused to obey any of my instructions. He blatantly zoomed across grass and through gates. Tired, I simply decided to ignore it and clear him for his runway and departure. But before I could tell him to enter the runway for immediate takeoff, he zoomed past the waiting line and onto the runway. I tried telling him to get off the runway NOW! he ignored me and gunned his engines. Here are some pictures as proof…your thoughts pilots/IFATC?


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If you u read bottom right corners in two of the pictures you can see me futily trying to prevent him from takeoff. I realize not everyone is a great pilot but he is grade 4! Yes it is PG server but please…give respect to the controllers on duty in any server! They aren’t there just to watch you do stunts and disobey commands. If you were on advanced you would be ghosted the second your front wheel crossed the hold line


I couldnt agree more.
Is depressing to see someone with well over 1200000XP taxing through grass, planes and terminals in one sitting.


I don’t think that’s a thing yet.

Some people will be that way, without enough people to report him/her, there’s nothing you can do.

What do you mean? “Not a thing” there are plenty of users with that much XP.

Like lasvegas

Man, I’m getting old. I remember the days when no one was above 1 million XP. Now there is 12-13 that’s above 1.2 million, none of them match the description of the player above though.

Exactly and since I don’t have enough of a controller rating (whatever the heck that means lol) I couldn’t do anything :/

I’ve seen similar situation with grade 5 pilots…
Anyway, I totally agree with you that grading and XP system must not to be relied all the time. For example, sometimes grade 1 XP 0 pilots perform like grade 5 or better than that, really impressive.

Exactly I was impressed the other day actually with three grade one pilots who all sequenced correctly . But then you get this grade four and it’s like…facepalm*

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You couldn’t report him?

It is possible that some people fly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, that’s the only explanation for this kind of behaviour even on the free flight server.

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That happens when your siblings start messing up with your account…I have seen a respected friend do that…when i asked…that was the case…I just knew it wasnt him…

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The grading system is messed up and yes I agree with you a while back people used to leave their devices on for days and just fly around the world by using a glitch. So that’s how some of them got grade 5. I miss the standing system.

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