Proof that nativetothephilippines can take a (decent) moonshot

So, I was in the relatively long line at SFO earlier today, admiring the moon and following instructions when I was suddenly disconnected. I don’t know why, but I thought “may as well get what I can from this flight” and decided to have a go at taking a moonshot, something I’ve never done before.

mini-mod repellant

Server: Expert (hence the aforementioned relatively long line)
Route: RPLL-KSFO (Where else would a PA 77W come from?)
Time: Too long considering I got dc’d
Misc.: Flew this route with @MJP_27 and @Rolls (Royce)

Can’t wait for Aviation108 Bus108’s verdict


haha you got dcd on approach lol

nice phots

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thanks, but i already knew it’s a nice phots ☺️

it’s a very good phots indeed

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What time did u fly? I might’ve been ahead of you!

I was flying up until 1423Z.

Nice that is very cool

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Oh lmao

Veri n🧊 nativetozimbabwe

thank you VanHool108

No problem nativetonorthkorea


Great pictures!

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nativetochina too

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Helicopter 108