Pronunciation of “crosswind” in Infinite Flight

It’s wind as in breeze
Not wind as in a watch.
Is this fixable? Downwind is pronounced correctly.

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If this is relating to the Text-to-Speech system, it is a known issue. A fix is not confirmed yet for it.


If you are using an iOS device you can actually tell your device how to pronounce it


Really! How does that work?

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How would You make Your device pronounce it? A #tutorials explanation would be great…

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Go to settings-general-accessibility-speech-pronounciation

There you can enter a text and you can record yourself saying it an iOS will suggest pronounciations you can Choose from


Do the above for literally everything such as Unicom, airlines names, callsigns etc as a lot of things are mispronounced depending on what voice you use. It’s worth doing if you care. I got annoyed of Qatari being pronounced ‘catari’

Oh, thanks a lot! I’ve heard of the feature existing but didn’t bother to look it up.

Also, pronunciation doesn’t bother me.

Also, @Delta319 the answer is in the post above.

"Alpha Golf Golf India Echo, is on left crosswind (as in watch), runway 27 hahaha

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