Pronounciation of Callsign

Hello all. I’m aware that there is an old topic for this but it is over two years old and no solution was found.

I was trying to do a Cessna Citation X Flight under XOJET. However, there is no XOJET callsign in Infinite Flight. I discovered you can edit the pronounciation for callsigns in IF through the settings app. Settings definitely pronounces XOJET correctly, but when I tried it in Infinite Flight, it still said “X-Ray Oscar Juliet Echo Tango 7 50”. Why isn’t this changing in IF?

It’s just the way the system works currently. All callsigns which you manually type (the ones located under the “General Aviation” tab in the callsign section) are pronounced phonetically in a Live environment regardless of your device’s internal settings.



Yeah exactly just as Maxim said it’s just the way the system works at the moment. A callsign will only be pronounced if it’s in Airlines category. For the GA section it will use the manual method for identification.


@Thunderbolt_78 Do you mean the method of changing the TTS in your device’s settings to pronounce it the way you want in the app?

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Yes. However, I was wondering if I edited an AIRLINE’S callsign to pronounce THIS, would it work correctly?

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It should work if you edit it very precisely. :)


Unfortunately not, at least for now. This is because there is no “XOJET” in the airlines category.

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Oh, actually didn’t know that. Okay cool, if you could explain to @Thunderbolt_78, thanks!

Oh no. I meant edit an existing airlines callsign. “Execjet” is close to “XOJET”, so I was thinking it was possible to maybe temporarily edit that to pronounce “XOJET”?


Yup! That is possible.

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Yeah actually all the callsigns in the Airline category are fixed. For example BA being “Speedbird” can’t be adjusted.

All you can adjust is the callsign digits in the middle column, at least that I know of.

You can change “Execjet” in your device’s settings to be pronounced however you want. It won’t pronounce it like that for anyone else, but it will work for you. I personally have “JAY-636” as “JJ”.


Alrighty! I just checked and that worked. Worse case scenario I can just use a general aviation callsign. Thank you all for the help!


Okay, then how do you edit the KLM pronunciation from “Kilo-Lima-Mike” to “KLM”?

It always bothers me when it says Kilo-Lima-Mike

Sorry to jump in to this thread, but does that “work around” you mentioned above also work for the KLM callsign?

Edit: oh never mind, Aniket just asked the same question while I was typing

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It will work @Aniket_Joglekar @Moosehead08.

In your device’s settings, substitute “Kilo Lima Mike” to “K L M” :D


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