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Hi all!

After a great topic by @Flying_Pencil about pronoun usage on the IFC, we realised that we have been a little slow in helping to normalize this on the community platform. We wanted to rectify this, and so we have added a new user field category.

This is the Pronoun field. It is available alongside the Callsign and Virtual Organization fields. This is there to allow you to highlight the pronouns you are comfortable with.

We all use pronouns in our everyday language when conversing in English, and something as common as a pronoun can have a significant effect on a person’s identity. We want to help make sure this continues to be a positive space for expressing and identifying in ways that make you comfortable and allow you to be who you are without judgement.

What are pronouns?

Some people may be more familiar than others with the idea of pronouns and their usage. There are lots of different pronouns, with some being gendered pronouns, and others being gender-neutral. The LGBT Resource Center has a great definition of each:

A pronoun is a word that refers to either the people talking (I or you) or someone or something that is being talked about (like she, it, them, and this). Gender pronouns (he/she/they/ze etc.) specifically refer to people that you are talking about.

More Information on Pronouns

Why Pronouns Matter

What Are Gender Pronouns and How to Use Them?

How to Ask About Pronouns

Resource on Personal Pronouns

Common Gender Pronouns

The most common gender pronouns you will come across are:

  1. She/her
  2. He/him
  3. They/them
Use Examples

For example, you would say “she/he/they have made an error on their exam”. You would also say “I saw them/him/her flying a B737 to Hawaii”. These are two easy examples to show you how pronouns are one of the most common components in the English language.

Other Common Gender Pronouns

There can be a large number of other pronouns people may use. We suggest learning some of these as a valuable life lesson. You can find a few examples of these here and here.

Respecting Pronouns

Pronouns are easy to respect. Most users are likely to use he/they/she, however, some may use other ones. The new user field will allow you to easily see this. If you are unsure, the most polite thing would be to ask unless there is good reason not to, for example, if a user’s bio says not to ask.

Misuse of Pronouns

Users who misuse pronouns in their profiles to mock, disrespect, or disregard the importance of pronouns risk having their account permissions revoked without warning. If you do not respect the use of pronouns in your personal life, please simply do not fill in the user field.

Non-native English speakers

We understand that this may be harder for non-native speakers to understand, but don’t worry! We ask that you try to respect personal pronouns to the best of your ability, and please feel comfortable asking questions to moderators, staff, or community members that are open to having these conversations. Please be aware that some users may prefer not to discuss this topic in depth.

Where can I find the new user field?

You can find this new user field by heading to your profile > settings > profile > pronouns. You are not required to fill this field in.

After inputting, your pronouns will then show on your profile and user card. An example is below:


User Card


I’m so happy to see this :) thank you team!


A great addition and an important step! Thank you for implementing this so quickly and in such detail.


Thanks team :)


Thank you IF team :)


I mean this with all respect but how is the pronoun “ze” used and in what cases would someone use it?


Fantastic. Good job implementing this so soon, and thanks @Flying_Pencil for initiating this!


Great topic, and great user field addition!
Thanks @Flying_Pencil and @MishaCamp
Everyone must be respected when addressed.

As an international community from all over the world, people often mistaken the correct pronouns without realising, due to the fact that it’s perfectly correct in their own grammar.

Some languages have feminine and masculine words and nouns, so when they say “he” they refer to the word “pilot” that is grammarly masculine in their language, not referring to the person flying.

So it’s important by users to use neutral pronouns to avoid insulting others when using improper ones. Also it’s equally important to take the language issue into consideration if been unintentionally addressed incorrectly. Could be an honest mistake from an international fan 🙂



Sie or Ze: (see or zee) A non-gender specific pronoun used instead of “she” and “he.”

I did however fail to find any reasonable explanation for Air/Bus…


I suppose I’ll have to direct my questions to Google but I don’t see why someone would use ze over them as they appear to both represent non-gender specific people.

And with Sie (see), I don’t understand how the sentance “I see that see is running over there” would make sense but then again, I’ll use Google.

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Some languages have official gender neutral pronouns. I would assume that those are attempts of that, instead of the use of “they” etc.


Thank you Misha. So great to see Infinite Flight take an official stance on the normalization of this ☺️


A great step in the right direction. A good surprise to wake up to!


This an excellent addition to the community Misha :)

I for one, if anyone had viewed my profile in the past year would know too, already had my pronouns in my ‘about me’ section of the profile… Just the more inclusive thing to do :)

I’m really glad to see the positive approach and a greater reaction from the community themselves and do encourage all members to put their pronouns in.

It doesn’t change who you are, just makes you the better citizen ;)


Awesome edition to the Community. Really liking this!

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Thank you! I bet many people on here will be thankful for this change.


Glad to hear that the community is making a step forward in helping everyone feel respected and comfortable.

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Very glad to see this! It is very important that we respect each other and that the IFC has taken this step towards normalizing the statement of pronouns in your bio. Fantastic, team!


Thanks so much, Oskar and Misha! This is an awesome step forward to make everyone feel comfortable in such a large and diverse community.