Promote an unauthorized VA

Hi everyone I am Ben and I am the founder of a charter VA! We are currently getting everything ready for an approval but we need some more hands to cover the work.
As we are not certified, we can’t do it on the VA section and I was wondering what I should do. Help is appreciated.


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Are you approved to begin creation of the VA by @danman?

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No we’ve started the first bit but I am just currently trying to get to TL2

Ok. Once you reach TL2, message Dan to claim your VA. After you are approved to begin work on your documents, you can make a post here :). Don’t make the post until you contact dan though

Oh ok, we already started😬 is that a problem?

Nope. It’s ok to begin operations internally prior to approval, but you just can’t advertise on IFC just yet.

Ah ok! Thanks for the help

Feel free to shoot me a DM if you need anything else. Would also suggest you read these threads :)