Projecting IF to bigger screen


I’m on Android, but would love it if I could project to a bigger screen, e.g on work laptop. can anyone confirm if this is possible and if so, how I can do this.


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If you download an app on your device you can connect to your computer which is bigger or if you have an apple device you can apple airplay to a tv but other than that I don’t know any other ways

You can try downloading the app vysor which will allow you to mirror your device to a laptop

Yes indeed this is possible thanks to the few applications mentioned above.
You can also use a special Elgato cable which will allow you to stream from your mobile device to a computer but this is quite expensive as it is often used by streamers to broadcast live from a computer.
It is also possible (not on all devices) to use a Google Chromecast directly connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth.
I hope I’ve helped you.

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I have an iPhone so what I do sometimes is I plug my phone into my a and then open quick time player. Then in click time player you click file new movie and connect to phone so it screen sharing phone

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U can share ur screen to ur TV like I did once , but get ready as ur phone will get hot enough to cook barbecue

this sounds like a pretty cool feature. I also understand that Xiaomi and Samsung now have special devices to project, though bit pricey…