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Hi there,

maybe some of you know about projectFly and there is possibility that they will support Infinite Flight, you can vote on the twitter @proflyofficial or here if the link will work

Or maybe you could explain it? Never heard of it :)


It makes statistics of your flights, rates your landings, counts hours - something like log-book for all your flights you make


Roger dodger, seems legit.

I’ll look into it 😉

Also, it’s sort of like IFP ( infinite flight Passengers) is it not?


Hey yo how will this help IF. And will IF even accept the help??

What do ya know - they might love it!


Please answer the questions (S) directly

  1. This would increase the experience levels in pilots on Infinite Flight. This will help people see their statistics and how they rank against other pilots.

  2. Well… it’s not really “help” it’s more of a 3rd Party app for Infinite Flight. It’s sort of like Infinite Flight Assistant and Infinite PAX and all those other 3rd parties.

And yes, I’m sure Flying Development Studios would allow it to be an API for Infinite Flight (It’d probably run off the same sort of thing as Infinite Flight Passengers (IF PAX) does

There you go. Full answers. Enjoy? Good…


Yes, it is similar to IF Passengers

At least it will make you statistics of your flights

Why not! Although projectFly may cover some features we are already having in apps like infinite passengers, in-flight assistant etc, being similar to any other assistive app created for IF make all of them compete and improve.That’s gonna benefit all the IF pilots.

Ok thanks.

So what will this app actually do then ?

Yes they were good answers

It will do as stated:

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Wait what? Wasn’t this created by the guy who was heavily against Infinite Flight? You know, Matt Davies…

yes, I think so, it is by Matt…

Please include all of this in the original post. That’d be helpful for readers. :)


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