Project Virgin Islands

In 1493 on Columbus‘s second voyage, he stumbled across some of the most beautiful islands in the world, now known as the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands consist of two separate Territories, the US Virgin Islands, which include St. Croix, St. Thomas, and Saint John and the British Virgin Islands, which include Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada. There are 5 airports in the Virgin Islands, the busiest is Cyril E King on St.Thomas and it regularly sees 757’s and other large aircraft

The Virgin Islands from 40,000 ft




Virgin Gorda


Airport Code Airport Name Current Status Editor
TISX Henry E Rohlsen OR @Ethan_Brown
TIST Cyril E King
TUPJ Terrance B Lettsome Released in 24.1 @Ethan_Brown
TUPW Virgin Gorda Released in 22.8 @Ethan_Brown
TUPA Auguste George Released in 23.1 @Ethan_Brown

Nice to see Tortola and St. Thomas coming 3D in the sun soon


Great job!

St.Thomas hasn’t been started yet but hopefully it will be made sometime in the future


Great to see ! 🫡

How many airports does the Virgin Islands accommodate ?

TIST has service to EWR, JFK, CLT, PHL, DFW, MIA, and FLL I think

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Love it! I will now be encouraged to fly the CL350 there, due to your incredible work. Keep it up, I’m supporting you.

Don’t forget BOS!


And MCO and ATL

And IAH, IAD and MSP

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Are those seasonal routes I’ve never seen those

IAH and IAD resume on the 30th, I’m pretty sure they are seasonal

@Ethan_Brown if you would like I’m going to STX this march I can take pics of the airport

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Perfect take as many pictures as you can, I’ll probably do St.Crox last @UALPilot

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Who wants to see a WIP

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The Control Tower at TUPJ


TUPJ is now in peer review

is TIST gonna be next?

No idea as of yet but possibly

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Tortola is now ready for release

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