Project Vietnam

Good Evening everyone, Jeff here.

I’m new to the airport editing team but I’ve decided to work on Vietnam.

It’s not a country that people are begging to complete but someone has got to do it so here are the airports I’ll aim to complete.

Here is a list

CAH Ca Mau Airport Ca Mau
VCA VVCT Can Tho Airport Can Tho
CSJ Cape St Jacques Airport Cape St Jacques
HPH VVCI Catbi Airport Haiphong
VCL Chulai Airport Tamky
VCS VVCS Coong Airport Con Dao
DAD VVDN Da Nang Airport Da Nang
DIN VVDB Dien Bien Airport Dien Bien Phu
PQC VVPQ Duong Dong Airport Phu Quoc
HBN Flamingo Airport Phu-bon
KON Kontum Airport Kontum
DLI VVDL Lienkhang Airport Dalat
XLO Long Xuyen Airport Long Xuyen
NHA VVNT Nha Trang Airport Nha Trang
CXR VVCR Nha Trang Airport Nha Trang
HOO Nhon Co Airport Quanduc
4HAN VVNB Noibai International Airport Hanoi

PHA	VVPR	Phan Rang Airport	Phan Rang
PHH	VVPT	Phan Thiet Airport	Phan Thiet
HUI	VVPB	Phu Bai Airport	Hue
PHU		Phu Vinh Airport	Phu Vinh
BMV	VVBM	Phung-Duc Airport	Banmethuot
VSO		Phuoclong Airport	Phuoclong
PXU	VVPK	Pleiku Airport	Pleiku
XNG		Quang Ngai Airport	Quang Ngai
UIH	VVPC	Qui Nhon Airport	Qui Nhon
VKG	VVRG	Rach Gia Airport	Rach Gia
SOA		Soc Trang Airport	Soc Trang
SGN	VVTS	Tan Son Nhat International Airport	Ho Chi Minh City
TBB	VVTH	Tuy Hoa Airport	Tuy Hoa
VII	VVVH	Vinh City Airport	Vinh City
XVL		Vinh Long Airport	Vinh Long
VTG	VVVT	Vung Tau Airport	Vung Tau

I’ll help you, once I get my new computer! :)

Well, it’s certainly difficult - not the best image quality

Gooooooooooooooooooood morning vietnam!


Looking forward to this! Be sure to share your completed work with us!


Did you use 19 resolution in WEDBing? ;)

Hopefully 'nam will be a fun region.

thank the developers, is working with the airport of Vietnam, I hope it will be added to infinite, next update

Explains itself to be fair :)

VII VVVH Vinh City Airport Vinh City,

VCA VVCT Can Tho Airport Can Tho

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Thanks ;)

He knows, he will do it. No need to ask them here, @Le_Tung

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i add photos, these airport that they need ,

i can add photo other airport ? if development need this

I’d be glad to help once I finish my current projects :)


Thank you for contributing

@Le_Tung, I have added you to the PM where we discuss all about this project! :)