Project US Dependent Islands

With Project Hungary coming to a close as I wrap up the last 3 Airports, I have decided to make a NEWsmall…unique…project. The US Dependencies…the islands with airports include:

US Virgin Islands
US Outlying Islands
Puerto Rico
American Samoa

To view the list of airports below, please click this link to my website :)

Questions, comments, issues or requests? Feel free to send me an email by filling out the Contact Form in the link below, thanks! :)

**If you don't contribute to Infinite Flight (are a developer, are a mod, made 3rd party app, are an Airport or Navigation Editor) please DO NOT comment here, feel free to either send me a contact form or PM me, thanks!**

Guam hype :)


I can’t wait!
Thank you!!

Good luck!

Good luck! I know it’s gonna turn out amazing :)


I’m in IFATC, but I don’t think we are allowed to comment on #developer anyway. Am I wrong? Nice project.

Not really, they dont contribute as we do.


Project is on a bit of standby, already did 4 for it but there are 2 airports I’d like to get done first ;)

you know i can easily leak what airports you’re going to work on ;)

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Completed a few other airports, links updated :)

Project up for grabs, I have some old airports to do, my issues are overflowed…

Dominican Republic?😮

Send me a DM in slack of the remaining airports to do and I’ll consider to continue the legacy🤗

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Not a dependency of the US, sorry :(

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Alright, I’ll be home in a few, check Slack in about 20 or so minutes :)

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Good luck on it!

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