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Project United States of America

Commercial Airports

      Since the start of the development of global flight, the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team has worked effortlessly to provide the community with thousands of accurate and highly detailed airports for Infinite Flight. We have been faced with the task of editing almost 42,000 airports all around the globe for all of you, from massive international gateways to tiny airstrips in rural landscapes. Great progress has been made the last 2½ years and we are proud of not only the number of edited airports, but also the hard-working team of volunteers that continues to grow.

      In an effort to keep everyone in the loop with our progress, we have decided to create Project United States of America. This project focuses on commercial airports in the US – a very active and populated region for the majority of Infinite Flight users – and its territories. Each state contains airports under the “Commercial service – Primary airports” criterion as per the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS). The list is ordered based on the number of enplanements from highest to lowest. States are color coded by completion with 0-49% being red, 50-74% being orange, 75-99% being yellow, and 100% being green.

View the Project Spreadsheet below:

Disclaimer: Airport suggestions may be honored, however, they must be present on the spreadsheet linked above.


KSBY is an awesome candidate on there. It currently only has one parking space in IF. I’m excited to see the edited version at some point. Thanks for all your hard work, editing team!


You got it! Coming up soon.

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As requested.

Commercial service for this airport includes FedEx Feeder flights to Baltimore and American Eagle flights to Charlotte (2X daily) and Philadelphia (4X daily). Additionally, this is the operational headquarters for Piedmont Airlines.

I’m interested to see what you all would like me to edit next.



FedEx Feeder Ramp




Transient Ramp



Looks amazing! Thank you very much for your quick work :)

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KUNV – University Park Airport (State College, PA).

Overview #1

Overview #2

More Details

Tech Aviation Flight School Hangars

FedEx Feeder Ramp


Terminal Ramp

General Aviation Ramp

Small airport located far west of Philadelphia. US regional carriers serve this airport as well as FedEx Feeder that provides cargo for the area.


Hey just wanted to say you guys and gals are doing great work on the airports. One airport that needs an update is KSGF Springfield/Branson airport. The current layout is of the old airport from early 2000.

I can get that one done for you. ; ) Expect it after I finish with KOMA.

Out of total curiosity, not a complaint, when do you think that these will be seen in the app? I noticed KSBY didn’t make it with the last airport/nav update. Thanks

We’re supposed to have another build come out next week or so. If we don’t get one, it should be next month. KSBY should be a part of the next one.







I cant wait for Lynchburg Regional(KLYH) to be made, cause right now its just the two runways, and no parking.

I’ll work that one after I finish with SGF and CSG. It could take a couple weeks, but it’s in the queue at #3.

Cool thanks, now too bad my home airport ain’t on the list, I know its because it only serves GA, but still, I want to actually fly into KOLD

KJQF – Concord–Padgett Regional Airport (Concord, NC).

Overview #1

Overview #2

South GA Ramp & Hangars

Main GA Ramp & Hangars

Terminal Ramp

“What’s old is new again!”

This quaint airport has been around for a while in-game. It was once part of the Charlotte, NC region pre-global. Located due northeast of Charlotte–Douglas Intl Airport, it serves as a reliever airport. It is colloquially known as NASCAR Airport due to its close proximity to the NASCAR Charlotte Motor Speedway. Ironically enough, the airport’s IATA is USA even though the ICAO is KJQF.

Allegiant Air is the only airline to operate here and travels to a handful of vacation destinations in Florida. NASCAR drivers and officials make up the majority of general aviation operations during races taking place at the nearby track.

This new version will be available in the next scenery push – Enjoy! :)

Previous Version:


You guys and gals do such an amazing job with all the airports you’ve done already! Actually superb is more like it.

I know this is a thread about commercial airports, but a main reliever in my home town is KSDL. It is probably in the top-10 for Business jets. And just recently, the city allowed the military to come back in with F-18s, T-45s, AV-8Bs, etc. Right now it is just a single generic runway but I guarantee more people would use it if it was realistic. Any chance that is in the works down the road?


Thanks for the kind words!

It will be done at some point but this project is focused on US commercial airports for the time being.

Is the team working on KPIH?

Not currently, but I can add it to my list, and get it done for you.

Okay, thanks so much!