Project Uruguay


I present you today… Project Uruguay! In this project, the objective is to rework all non reworked airports in Uruguay. Uruguay is a small South American country to the south of Brazil, and to the east of Argentina.

Airports being redone:

Airport ICAO Editor Status
Tacuarembo SUTB @GBKarp Approved
Colonia del Sacramento SUCA @GBKarp Approved
Carmelo SUCM @GBKarp Approved
Treinta Y Tres SUTR @GBKarp Approved
Mercedes SUME @GBKarp Approved
Vichadero SUVO @GBKarp Approved
Paysandu Tydeo Larre Borges SUPU @GBKarp Approved
Maldonado Intl SULS @GBKarp Approved
Durazno Santa Bernardina SUDU @Davide_DC Approved
Punta del Este El Jaguel SUPE @GBKarp Approved
Montevideo Angel S. Adami SUAA @Tsumia Approved

The project is complete, and all airports will come in the next airport and navigation update!

Check out the main IFAET thread here!

Inspired by the Project India thread


Started work on some new airports!

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@Tsumia is the first other person to rework an airport for Project Uruguay!

This is a great idea!

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The project is very close to completion! Only four airports can still be claimed editors!

SUMU might need some updates for parking but SULS is definitively in need of a rework.

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I will first rework all non reworked airports in the country, and then I’ll look at SUMU and SULS. I believe SUMU is already done, but SULS might need a rework


Use this map to see the progress on Uruguayan airports!

Credits: @Kilt_McHaggis

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Fixing it, please stand by


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Apparently it isn’t loading. I’ll just leave the link

It works for me :)

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I was first trying to show it here and it doesn’t load, it is like this:

Now I just hyperlinked

Thanks for keeping the maps up to date by the way :-D

Once IFAET accepts my application! I’ll help out!

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Thanks MJP! Every help is appreciated Currently 4 airports can still be claimed, but I’ll make sure to leave one for ya ;-)

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Attention editors! Only one airport is yet to be claimed!

And the final airport has been claimed by @Davide_DC

Thanks to all the editors that helped in the project, and now we’ll wait to see all of them in the game :)

Please do not close this yet, only when the final airports are accepted

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@anon2063420 I reworked SULS and it just passed! It is coming next month!