Project Tanzania | Bringing life to a underserved region | New WIPS's!

Welcome To Project Tanzania!

This thread is dedicated to airports in Tanzania that are being worked by me and fellow editors.
Updates to this thread will be made by fellow editors such who are editing other Tanzanian Airports.

Why are we doing this?

The country of Tanzania is simply a piece of beauty, from luxurious beaches to stunning mountains, Tanzania has it all.

We are doing this to help fellow Infinite Flight aviators enjoy the stunning scenery of Tanzania whilst enjoying an up to date 2D airport with stunning 3D buildings. We are also initiating this project to help bring awareness to the African continent.

How will I know what airports are released and or in progress?

There will be a table below detailing all airports that have been released and that are a WIP. We will look into more useful ways of displaying this information in the future.

Can I request {insert Tanzanian airport here}?

No, we are not taking any requests for any airports to become 3D although rest assured we are planning to bring the majority if not the whole of Tanzania to IF pilots in 3D.

Airport Table!

These are the airports that are currently being worked on and have been released:

ICAO Name Editor Status
HTDA Julius Nyerere International Airport @Average_Gamer Ready for Release
HTZA Abeid Amani International Airport @Average_Gamer Ready for Release
HTKJ Kilimanjaro International Airport @Siddhansh Released with 22.4


Nice! Can’t wait to fly new routes with the A220



Here are some shots of Dar Es Salaam Julius Nyerere International Airport. One of the many in the works for Tanzania!

Enjoy! 🇹🇿


HTDA has been marked ready for release!

With this you should be getting this lovely airport pushed to your device soon! With that being said please note which update it is included in we do not know. Rest assured it will come!


Glad it’s finished thanks for all the effort :)


My pleasure, hope you enjoy it :D


Introducing Abeid Amani International Airport

Located on the breathtaking island of Unguja. It is also the main airport with a distance of 5 kilometres from Zanzibar City. Coming to Infinite Flight with a fully reworked 2D and 3D update.




Amazing! i noticed a lot of the bush dirt strips in TZ are not on IF- Ruaha, Serengeti and many other national parks airstrips. Hoping these will be added in due time too!

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YES YES YES!!! When HTZA and HTDA will come the Air Tanzania flying will finally be so much cooler!


Unfortunately due to the new way of editing we cannot add new airports. We can only edit the airports that are currently in app. Hopefully this changes sooner rather than later.

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As of today Abeid Amani International Airport is marked Ready for release. This is the 3rd major airport in Tanzania completing the 3 major airports list.

All major airports in Tanzania are complete!

This airport is located just 10 minutes by flight away from HTDA and has multiple services a day from many airlines such as Turkish Airlines, KLM and Air Tanzania.

Get your passport ready for a sunny Zanzibar vacation 🇹🇿

Please note which update this airport is released with I do not know. However rest assured it is coming in a future update.


My favorite Air Tanzania route HTKJ - HTZA is now fully 3D! Thanks a lot!


My pleasure, glad you can now experience it fully 3D. :)

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How have I missed this?? Thank you so much for bringing life to the beautiful coast of East Africa!!


My pleasure! It has been a mission of mine to bring more attention to Africa through 3D airports. My work never stops, I have some more up my sleeve :)


I surely can’t wait…!!

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Hello everyone I’m here to thank everyone on infinite flight staffs and everyone for making htda a 3d airport … have a great day everyone 🙂…