Project Switzerland

Project Switzerland

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Benvenuti, Bainvegni, Welcome!

National Airports

Name ICAO Editor(s) Status
EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg LFSB Marc, @Moritz Released in 21.3
Geneva Airport LSGG AdamCallow, Dan, @Chris_Wing Released in 21.8
Zurich Airport LSZH @Moritz Released in 21.4

Regional Airports

Name ICAO Editor(s) Status
Bern Airport LSZB @Chris_Wing In Progress
Birrfeld Airport LSZF @Chris_Wing Released in 22.2
Bressaucourt Airport LSZQ @Yukiros_31 Ready for Release
Ecuvillens Airport LSGE @Matt001 In Progress
Grenchen Airport LSZG - Not Started
Les Eplatures Airport LSGC Marc (looking for new Editor) Not active
Lausanne Airport LSGL @Chris_Wing In Progress
Lugano Airport LSZA Marc (looking for new Editor) Not active
Samedan Airport LSZS Marc (looking for new Editor) Not active
Sion Airport LSGS - Not Started
St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport LSZR @Chris_Wing In Progress

Air Bases

Name ICAO Editor(s) Status
Alpnach Air Base LSMA - Not Started
Dübendorf Air Base LSMD - Not Started
Emmen Air Base LSME - Not Started
Lodrino Air Base LSML - Not Started
Meiringen Air Base LSMM - Not Started
Payerne Air Base LSMP @Major-Tom Ready for Release


Name ICAO Editor(s) Status
Ambri Airport LSPM - Not Started
Amlikon Airport LSPA - Not Started
Bad Ragaz Airport LSZE - Not Started
Bellechasse Airport LSTB - Not Started
Bex Airport LSGB - Not Started
Biel-Kappelen Airport LSZP - Not Started
Buttwil Airport LSZU - Not Started
Buochs Airport LSZC - Not Started
Courtelary Airport LSZJ - Not Started
Dittingen Airport LSPD - Not Started
Fribourg-Ecuvillens Airfield LSGE - Not Started
Fricktal-Schupfart Airport LSZI @Chris_Wing Released in 22.4
Gruyères Airport LSGT - Not Started
Hausen am Albis Airport LSZN - Not Started
Hasenstrick Airport LSPK - Not Started
Kägiswil Airport LSPG - Not Started
La Côte Airfield LSGP - Not Started
Langenthal Airport LSPL - Not Started
Locarno Airport LSZL - Not Started
Lommis Airport LSZT - Not Started
Luzern-Beromünster Airport LSZO - Not Started
Mollis Airport LSZM - Not Started
Montricher Airport LSTR - Not Started
Môtiers Airport LSTO - Not Started
Neuchâtel Airport LSGN - Not Started
Olten Airport LSPO - Not Started
Porrentruy Airport LSZY - Not Started
Raron Airfield LSTA - Not Started
Reichenbach Airport LSGR @Aiden_Forusz Release in 23.1
Saanen Airport LSGK @Aiden_Forusz Released in 22.7
Schaffhausen Airport LSPF - Not Started
Schänis Airport LSZX - Not Started
Sitterdorf Airport LSZV - Not Started
Speck-Fehraltorf Airport LSZK - Not Started
St. Stephan Airport LSTS - Not Started
Thun Airport LSZW - Not Started
Triengen Airport LSPN - Not Started
Wangen-Lachen Airport LSPV - Not Started
Winterthur Airport LSPH - Not Started
Yverdon-les-Bains Airport LSGY - Not Started


Name ICAO Editor(s) Status
Balzers Heliport LSXB - Not Started
Benken Heliport LSXK - Not Started
Collombey-Muraz Heliport LSHC - Not Started
Gampel Heliport LSHG - Not Started
Gsteigwiler Heliport LSXG - Not Started
Interlaken Heliport LSXI - Not Started
Lauterbrunnen Heliport LSXL - Not Started
Leysin Heliport Heliport LSXY - Not Started
Raron Heliport LSER - Not Started
Schindellegi Heliport LSXS - Not Started
St. Gallen-Winkeln Heliport LSXO - Not Started
Trogen Heliport LSXT - Not Started
Untervaz Heliport LSXU - Not Started
Würenlingen Heliport LSXW - Not Started
Zermatt Heliport LSEZ - Not Started

Last updated: 26th March 2023 1650Z


This project looks amazing!

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I will start working on more airports at a later date. But the idea was to list all airports for now!


Nice project Chris, will keep a look at it! Enjoy!


(post deleted by author)

outstanding!! :) I’m so happy to see my home airport LSZA-Lugano in the list @Chris_Wing


Just curious, what’s the progress on Bern LSZB looking like? Also Samedan LSZS would be nice to have finished in time for the release of the Challenger 350! I can’t wait to join the editing team.

The main work on the 2D is done. 3D is taking shape, but I haven’t worked on LSZB for a while since other airports have a higher priority.

This will probably be the case. I might take it on, once a few other things have been fixed like LSGG and LSZB. But since the CL35 won’t be this year, there is still time to work on it

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Ohh you added me hehe 🙃 I’m working on it @Chris_Wing


Such an amazing country! Im so glad to see it getting so much love

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Congratulation. Amazing job ! I live in Payerne and if you need some pictures or other informations, don’t hesitate. PS the Payerne airport is also open for commercial flight (light aircraft)


Feel free to also add LSGR as a ready for release airport @Chris_Wing


@Chris_Wing You can put LSZQ as ready for release 😏


Where is croix de cœur airfield?

Samedan LSZS would have been cool to have with the release of the Challenger 350


It’s a private airfield. Also not in Infinite Flight.

I have a few other airports being released in the next update which took a while, so I can focus on LSZS soon.


Hello, great and congratulations! If I had more time, I would have certainly developed some military airbases (working for the swiss government real estate and I have all the informations). Anyway. For the air base of Payerne, I live there… and I am not convinced of the layout.

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LSGS would be good for the CL35 release, but it says not started

Where did you see this?

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When my family visit Switzerland we pass sion and its full of private jets and f18’s LOL

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