Project Switzerland


Is anybody working on LSZG at the moment? It is my homebase in real life and I’d love to contribute if nobody else is working on it…


It’s being redone already.


Can someone send a picture from LSZH


@Nick_Art is still working on it. :)


But Can you send a picture.


Request LSGG runway change from 23 and 05 to 22 and 04 due to North Pole magnetic change, official since September 13


Why are only the L airports being worked on, we need the K airports to be worked on 😂


KCRW is missing a runway??? How 😱😨😰 i love that airport


K stands for USA, here is Switzerland (L)


Not sure if you’re just joking around or if you are serious but this is “Project Switzerland” so obviously no American airports listed here.

@grxninesix the numbers have already been changed, they will appear with the next scenery push


We need project America 😁☺️


No facts to back this up but procentually America might have the most edited airports in IF per airports in the country.

If you want to see your own airport reworked you’re welcome to join the team & edit it yourself.

More here 👇🏽 :)


Here they are, hope that you have access to this category

Now please continue US airports editing discussions in appropriate category, this is Switzerland here :)



Oh ok thanks! N ever knew they had one


LSGY Yverdon-Les-Bains will be redone now by me.


Have fun, I’d love to do LSGE in the future