Project Sunrise

I want to push the Airbus A350-900 to exceed its limit since we don’t have -1000. Sorry, no B787 today 😋

NOTAM: I headed East which has 11,798NM (23hrs+) instead of the original plan Project Sunrise which is heading West (IRL) that has 17,800 km (20hrs+)

Pax: 236 (Qantas B787 Seat Configuration)

Ready for Boarding

Ready to Pushback

Taking off on Runway 16R

Gear Up. .

Bye2x Sydney

Scenery in Fiji

Approaching in US Airspace

On Final

Landed on Runway 09R

Parked at the Gate in T3

👨‍✈️ Thank you for watching 👩‍✈️

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Beautiful shots ! I’m planning to do a project sunrise too ! How did you deal with your device’s battery ?

Realism left the chat
Nice Photos, really do like the carbon livery with the Black and white mix.

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Thank you. I just restart my device before starting ULH flight so that all apps will be unactive. Then put your brightness to ultra low once your on cruise. Also check your battery % before charging and before your head to bed

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Thank You. I’m appreciate it. I got no info regarding Sydney - London Heathrow & Vice Versa flight. I only know Qantas did B787 on Sydney - New York. .


We Smell Cap jk jk. I mean, I do not know how you know the SYD-JFK but not know what aircraft they used for LHR-SYD 😂


Google is the Key hehe. . I searched Project Surise info liked for 3 days.

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