Project Sunrise (JFK to YSSY)

I mean I guess the idea of the 7E7 project was fulfilled with the 787-8, but with what it can do, and some of the changes made to it from the -8 it’s hard for me to believe that range wasn’t at least a consideration when it was designed, honestly how incredible is it that any aircraft can get people literally half way around the world in less than a day in relitive comfort. What a time to be alive…

As for your other questions I did a Pittsburgh to Sydney flight a while ago, very similar, and I finished with 1+ hour left in the tanks, I don’t remember exactly how much, but it was enough to be comfortable, that was with the 787-9…

Nice shots! Love the dreamy! 🌙

This flight would be awful for those with ADHD (cough cough me) irl :P

Great Photos!

I’ve done NZAA-EGLL in the 789 before. It got super close on fuel cuz I had to go around due to opposite traffic.
The real range MVP in IF is the 763 though lol (literally anywhere in the world, I did WSSS-SEQM once)

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Alright, so my ETA is 21 hours and according to my fuel it says I have only 17 hours and 23 minutes. Help. I have no passengers, cargo, just full tank

@AXEL_GAMING As you get lighter you burn less fuel. So you should make it? What is your altitude and N1% currently.

Update: Diverted to KPIT, just took off now but I am at FL300, planning 320 and 92% N1

Ok that sounds good - just leave it and you should be all right

cool! how much fuel did you take?

A full tank. No doubt I had no choice

well what i did is i crused at fl 420

Very nice idea I think it’s a little bit boring when you see the whole day just a flying 787 and you can’t really do something😂