Project Sunrise (JFK to YSSY)

As some of you might know Qantas is doing a 20hr flight on their 789. They named it “project sunrise”.

Aircraft: 787-9 (Qantas)
Route: JFK - YSSY (non-stop)
Expert server
Time: 19hrs
Cruse 42,000ft
Pushing back at JFK

Taking off

Cruising altitude

Half way there!

Starting my Decent

Touch down!

Parked next to a fellow that flew from London


You can delete that by the way ;)

Amazing photos though

Good photos, looking forward to more of these in the future 😃

Great pictures @Speed_bird_50!!


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Great pics, nice post.

Still find it amazing that the B789 can do this distance. Never seen it as an ulta-long-haul aircraft; I thought the B777-LR (and the A350-ULR) were made for these sort of distances.

How much fuel did you have left after landing in Sydney?
Are you planning to have a go at this with other aircrafts?


Apparently 777LR can literally go 10400nm which is almost halfway around the world (and because of winds it can probably go anywhere)

And you don’t think New York to Sydney is half way round the world? 😊


Wow! Great job, and nice pictures! Also, it’s so cool that you met someone that came from London in the last picture!

I had enough fuel to go another 4 hours if there was no head wind. I stayed at an alt of 42,000ft to make my self very efficient.

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Very nice what was your speed 🤔 because the b787-9 can only hold almost 20 hours of fuel and I will like to know how u pulled it of mate 🤣 u trying to do YSSY-EGLL 🤣

I meant as in 10820nm lol

You need good winds and low PAX count. I did NZAA-EGLL once.
I used flaps 5 btw but that causes some debate here lol

@AviatorGamerYT My speed was M: .90. unfortunately I go to boarding school and they take our phones away so I can’t do any flight.

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@xsrvmy you used flaps the whole way through the flight?

@AviatorGamerYT as soon as I have 20ish hrs then ill do it

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I saw a post a while back about how the 787 uses flaps (but not slats) IRL. Flaps 5 kinda simulate that and actually does save a tiny bit a fuel, on something like NZAA-EGLL that actually matters.
That being said, I just realized the 767 in IF has way higher fuel capacity than IRL and can probably go that far at full load lol

@xsrvmy If you wanna do a flight with me right now you can spawn in at Shannon international ill be there in like 8 mins. A318 British Airways to see if we can make it to LAX.

lol don’t have time. I’m actually planning something way more interesting. Good luck

ok then…