Project Sunrise Highlights

Some highlights from my flight from EGLL-YSSY in the Qantas 787-9.
Expert Server
EFT: 18:45hrs

Climbing out of EGLL

Short final at YSSY

Two joeys

Sunrise number two at 41,000ft


Wow that looks so amazing !! I’m definitely going to perform this flight now…also I saw the Sam Chui’s project sunrise video around last week and thinking about doing this since then :)

P.S. The 3rd shot with an A380 in the background looks beautiful <3


flicks look awesome bro!!

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Those look great!


Beautiful shots and choice of flight ! 😎😉🤩✈️

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Lovely! I wish I could do this flight but my phone would overheat (even with minimum graphics and low power mode) :C

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WOW! Just wow. Those are some beautiful pics. I especially love the one with the A380.


Wow…what device? Was it plugged in during the whole flight? I will love to try it, plugging my device for almost a day is a bit worrying.

Great shots!! I love the picture of you on final!

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iPad Pro 12.9

Have you tried going cockpit view without virtual cockpit, changing view to night, and pointing screen up (so it’s facing the sky)
Also put brightness to minimum (I turn off auto brightness so that it can’t rebrighten); at this point the screen feels practically off other than seeing the stars (clouds are also set to clear)
Also make sure airplane count is none (remember to change this setting though when coming back)
Finally putting on a hard surface can also help and making sure the device isn’t in a case

When I do all of that (and low battery; switching graphics mid flight can also have a higher chance of crashing but I haven’t had a problem with that when I’ve done it) after a little bit, my device feels cool to the touch