Project Spain

@_ikerpa_8 are you working on any airport right now? do you know anyone who is working on Granada’s airport?

No, I am currently updating the airports to the new 23.3 lines but as I said it is in my plans

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Hey Iker, it would be possible to do LEMH and LEVD once you’ve completed updating the current airports?


Hello! I still have an airport to update and Valencia will probably have a rework that I will hopefully do during the Christmas holidays, I didn’t have time to finish everything due to exams, Seville will also have an update because there are new 3D images, once this It is finalized, I may do another airport but I will confirm later, have a good Christmas vacation!

Any updates on airports

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It seems that some airports in Spain are having an update, can you recognize the changes and the airports? 😎


Those airports really do look amazing!

Thanks for adding and updating throughout Spain!

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Valencia and Sevilla!!

@_ikerpa_8 if you have not already noticed the imagery for Lanzarote has been updated on Google maps