Project 'SPACE' @SVUQ 012100SEP19

Server: Casual

Airport: SVUQ

Time: 2019-09-01T20:00:00Z

callsign: What you want, or TODAMOON.

I just thought of this, this is an event free to anyone, of course there are no gates here, and this event is in just over a week after creating.

Now, the way you get into space:

1: Spawn in at SVUQ at the given time, and you need to apply full power &IMMEDIATELY*, gear up, and try to maintain a positive climb without going outside the zones of the airfield, otherwise you’ll crash into the side and have to start over. The second you spawn and calibrate you’ll start falling to the right slightly.

2: Gain a good amount of altitude, this is completely up to you. Hold yourself over and around the airfield.

3: Once you’re at an altitude you are satisfied with, fly as quick much as possible into the airport, avoiding the side as much as possible. You’ll quickly lose control of your aircraft and start to descend massively.

4: This is whether it happens or not…

If you continue below 500,000ft, and keep losing altitude, then you’ve failed. Try again or leave. Your app might crash, but no damage will be left.

If you suddenly start ascending ridiculously, you’ll soon fly out of the ground and make yourself into space shortly. I’m sure you’ll all be off eachothers map within seconds of flying up, as you travel amazingly fast.

NOTAMS: Please check your fuel!!!

Enjoy the views! I reached 254,000,000ft on my first try! I won’t show that screenshot to ruin the experience for others!

Are you coming?

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  • No

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  • A group chat will be made 24 hours before event starts *

Please let me know of any mistakes down below

That photo reminds me of some city skylines failure.


It actually does now you said that 😂

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