Project SFO (Rework)

VERY excited for these… 👀


Just wondering—and this applies to all airports that have it—do you know if the EMAS at the ends of the 1/19s are able to be modelled in IF?

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Yep, I’ve added them, but they won’t do any arresting!

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😐😬 I don’t think anyone would really need it, anyway haha. That’s so cool to hear!

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Flew down to San Carlos today and got to take the bravo surface transition. Lots of fun!




That’s so cool @lucaviness!


Fr thats legal? I thought the tower airspace was farther out then that? Lol still cool nom the less.
I’m just curious but did you fly out to get more information for the sfo remake?

@lucaviness any new updates on the rework

@lucaviness I’m actually making a 3D cad model of the KSFO tower for my design class so these photos actually help alot for get a perspective for what the towers proportions are for sizing.

Im currently using this site to reference off of, though I might share if you are editing that part of the airport as well,

Thank you! I’ll check it out later.

Not right now, but maybe in the coming week.

Yep, I asked NorCal Approach for a surface transition and was handed off to SFO Tower before entering their airspace. Perfectly legal but not always approved as requested. On the way back from San Carlos, I took the Oakland transition instead, flew right over at 2000ft.

Nope, just passing through to get some lunch at San Carlos. Only thing it helped with was motivation!


Nice thats cool! Thanks for the info!