Project SFO (Rework)

KSFO - San Francisco International Airport (WIP)

Editors: @lucaviness @Levet


Before and after photo of Terminal 2 (C Gates)

WIP Photos


Terminal 2

28R Pier

11/3/2023 Update

Before and After

Important Details

Why Rework: SFO was Infinite Flight’s first ever 3D airport. Editing techniques have greatly improved since then, so there is a lot of work to do to bring it “up to speed” with more recent airports.

The Wait: I am very busy outside of Infinite Flight, so it’s not often I get a chance to work on SFO; however, with time off approaching, I expect to make major headway and get the reworked airport to you all shortly.

The Plan: I will try to get “Version 1” out to you as soon as possible, after which I will start work on “Version 2” which will include more detail (i.e. roads underneath terminal buildings, etc).

Miscellaneous Information

Progress Reports: I expect to upload progress photos to this thread periodically. Feel free to ask about certain areas if a specific sneak peek would interest you.

Resources: Please send photos/resources if you think they might help me make SFO realistic and high quality. I would greatly appreciate any and all contributions!


I look forward for the new SFO!


There will be more 3D airport getting a rework from 21.1 release like KLAX & KDEN? So far KJFK is the only 3D airports got rework.

I’m not requesting just curious about it…

There are no reworks on KLAX or KDEN intended or taking place currently, as things stand.



@ryanairlanding 😝


Omg yes! I love KSFO I can’t wait!

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this looks amazing!!! just like how i remember it! super excited

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Can’t wait, I’m there often for my testing :)


Same here! I do lots of pattern work and I consider KSFO to be my main flyout hub!

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@lucaviness @NightHawk

Here Is a manual I use when I control KSFO. It’s somewhat out of date, but contains important taxiway information and future facilities (that now exist). Also has vary good information for surrounding landscape if you plan on editing that as well. This is from the KSFO website back in 2015-2018.

Can’t wait for the update! I hope this helps!


Thank you! Much appreciated.

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Work in Progress Photo of SFO’s Superbay


Looks so fantastic! I’ve been awaiting news on the rework and I can’t wait to see it be finished!

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Oh hell yeah! I Can’t wait, that’s for sure

Great work!



This sounds interesting 👀

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extremely amazing*


Do we know if 3D piers will be added at the end of the 19s and 28s?

If possible, it be cool if you added lil boats off the shore. because theres a marina right next to the airport home to some tour ships of the bay.
However I do think some of the taxiways need to be cleaned up a-bit. Some don’t show on the map and if they to theres no lighting.
Any-ho just some suggestions, keep the good work up!

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I’m in the process of adding them now actually! They look pretty darn cool. I’ll try to send you guys a photo this weekend.


Boats will not be possible for the time being, unfortunately. The taxiways and taxiway lighting are nearly 100% reworked, so that’s something to be excited for! I’ll send a sneak peak of the taxiways at night some time this weekend if I get around to it.