Project Scotland

Welcome to Project Scotland. Here on this thread you will be able to track, see all and any progress made to any Scottish Airports whether that be 2D edits or 3D. Then goal is to keep the Community involved and aware of this beautiful country and all of its airports.

The Goal i also set for myself is to try and have Scotland as the first 3D country in IF and we are well on our way to make this dream a reality.

Current Project Scotland Released Airports

Airport Name ICAO Contributors Status
Edinbrugh Airport EGPH @Ecoops123, @MishaCamp, @NJ24, @Skyler.Cooper Released
Perth Airport EGPT @MishaCamp, @Skyler.Cooper Released
Fife Airport EGPJ @Skyler.Cooper Released
Strathallen Airport XSTR @Major-Tom Released … has had an issue that caused it to be missing but should return in a future update
Dundee Airport EGPN @Skyler.Cooper Released
Barra Airport EGPR @Skyler.Cooper Released
Islay EGPI @Liam_Smart Released
Unst Airport EGPW @Balloonchaser, @Skyler.Cooper Released
Westray EGEW @Variable Released
Papa Westray EGEP @Variable Released
Inverness Airport EGPE @aviatorluke4 Released
Fair Isle Airport EGEF @BennyBoy_Alpha Released
Lerwick Tingwall EGET @Yuzhe Released

Current Project Scotland Ready for Release Airports

Airport Name ICAO Contributors Status

Current Project Scotland WIP Airports

Airport Name ICAO Contributors Status
Glasgow Airport EGPF @XY_MAGIC, @Skyler.Cooper In Progress
Oban Airport EGEO @Skyler.Cooper Complete Revamp in Progress
Aberdeen Dyce Airport EGPD @Skyler.Cooper In Progress
Stornoway Airport EGPO @ThomasR In Progress
Cumbernauld EGPG @nmasterson In Progress


Please can all note that airports marked Ready for Release does not mean it will be in the next update, it means that the airport is ready and will be released when the Airport moderators and IF Staff deem it applicable to release.

We also will not be taking requests for airports to be done, the end goal is to have all airports completed in the future so just sit tight and they will come !!

Thank you for your time, feel free to have your discussions below, would love to hear about your experiences of flying in Scotland !!


Awesome, really looking forward to these airports for our wee country. Will open up many more great routes.

Thanks for the hard work you guy’s do. 😉❤️


Im excited for the future of the airports for our country too !!

All the Editors are amazing people and put in so much hard work and effort !!


Will the missing runway 12/ 30 at Edinburgh be fixed?

no, that was removed as a runway a few years ago and is now all taxiway as is replicated in the sim.

Oh I was sure they still used that runway irl. Ok, no worries. 👍

Nope, it is used as Taxiway only now, i currently work at the airport and can confirm this.


Ok, never knew that. Now it makes sense. Thanks.

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A few updates ago I added the new apron that went over this old runway 🤙


Barra Airport (EGPR) is nearing completion and will be sent for review very soon !!

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Barra (EGPR) and Oban (EGEO) have both been sent in for review. Update will be edited into this message and the main thread once approved ready for release


Looking forward to Kirkwall coming too hopefully!!

Good work chaps.

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Barra Airport has now just passed Official Review and is ready for release. This means that we will see this airport in a future update.



Glasgow (EGPF) is nearly complete with all 2D work and 3D has started on the finished 2D areas !! good progress is coming along. if you wish to follow updates closer for this airport then feel free to follow this thread below.

Big props to @XY_MAGIC for starting this airport and doing all the 2D work so far !!


Announcement !

We have a new airport in development !!

@aviatorluke4 has started work on Inverness Airport (EGPE), this airport is a great GA field and opens up some awesome general flying routes and areas for Scotland. Make sure to keep tuned here for any updates for this airport when the editor sends them !!

Second news is that Oban (EGEO) is now getting completely revamped from its old state, This in hope of giving some life to the airport and really bring out some of the realism to this awesome little airport. Again, make sure to stay tuned here for any and all updates and news regarding this airport.

Team Scotland


Really enjoying Fife airfield/airport! Great place to do some patterns at

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Im glad that was my first 3D airport and is also my home field im happy others are enjoying it !!


How long did it take you to build EGPJ ? Just curious how long it takes to create an airport of this size, cause it seems like this is a pretty good size to start with when it comes to 3D editing…

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its the perfect size to start, it took me around 30 hrs altogether

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Alright thx for that suuper fast reply 😅, can’t even imagine how long it takes to build the big boys, such as Chicago or DFW 🙈…
I’m not very familiar with 3D Editing but I know for some airports there is 3D scenery available, did you have some in that case?