Project Scandinavia

Welcome to IFAET Project Scandinavia Thread!


The country of the fjords and mountains, with Northern Lights and Midnight sun. With one part north of the polar circle, and one not.

With many different airports and approaches, all around the country, from the beach to the mountains.


Sweden, Norways big brother, and one of the happiest countries in the world.

The land of forest, mountains and Norwegian tourists. Beautiful to fly around. Lots of small and big airports, it is one of the nicest places to fly around!


Denmark, the flat land, short distances for short hops. With the biggest airport in Scandinavia. The most important hub for SAS.

Fly short hops to long haul from Denmark’s beautiful airports!

The project 

We are doing this to improve the quality of the airport in the Scandinavian region. @Jens_Severin and @axeand are working together to improve the overall quality of the area, with sporadic help from other editors.


Many has helped editing airports in Project Norway!


Largest Airports
Airport Status Notes
ENGM Awaiting new satellite imagery Building new part of the terminal
ESSA Up to date at the moment Needs a rebuild in the near future
EKCH Up to date None
ENBR Up to date Recently redone
ENVA Up to date None
ENZV Up to date None
ENTC Up to date None
ENBO Up to date None
ENDU Currently being redone Being rebuilt
ENKR Awaiting new satellite imagery New taxiways not on satellite images
ESSB Up to date None
ESNQ Needs a rebuild None
ESPA Currently being redone None
ESNU Needs a rebuild None
ESSP Up to date None
ESMS Needs a rebuild None
ESGG Up to date None
EKAH Needs a rebuild Low Priority
EKBI Up to date None
EKYT Up to date None
Earlier Airports Redone

ENNO, Notodden by @Jens_Severin

ENRS, Røst by @Jens_Severin

ENJA, Jan Mayen by @Major-Tom

ENSS, Vardø Svartnes by @Jens_Severin

Other airports will be posted in this thread!

Thanks for reading

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Nice it would be great to Scandinavia in action with updated airports as Scandinavia is cool


Yep, and I hope the terrain above the 60th parallel gets fixed as well!


This is great!
Really good job guys, if you can, please take a look at ENLI (Lista airport). I would love to see it reworked :)

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I do too :) Until then, most airports are hopefully edited

EKAH, been there in real life and it’s tiny, but is some it needs some re-building

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Ah nice (I don’t know how it’s major but probably because of its destinations)

I think it should be noted that as much as we all want that it’s a completely separate issue from airports, and is unfortunately unlikely to happen any time soon…


Aarhus is one of the largest towns in denmark

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Yeah I read it’s the 2nd largest town, but I was quite surprised that it had quite a small airport that’s somewhere north of Aarhus

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Yes, I understand. Accompanied with Project Scandinavia could be a really major update/revamp to the region.

I fully understand the hard-working developers on adding the dataset for the 60th parallel north. They are doing amazing and I don’t want to seem like I’m complaining. Just ‘dreaming’ haha.

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Denmark is completely edited from the largest international down to the tiniest privat airstrip that is government registered.



ENBV Berlevåg Airport

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New airport rebuilt!
ENHK - Hasvik

Not yet in game

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This is incorrect, it needs a rebuild. I flee from Brussels in the a319 and couldn’t find my gate because it doesn’t exist in IF

There might be many reasons of why that gate weren’t in the game. We do have requirements to do new rebuilds, in any case ESSB would be a low priority project, because it’s already been edited and has the quality it needs to be added to the game. Neither me or @axeand did this airport. Please refrain to ask any more questions about this in this thread, do it in a PM


@SwedishFlyer Bromma was last done in December 2017 by Samuel Anderson. The official parking chart was dated March 2019, so you are right, it is outdated. Unfortunately we can not say when this will fixed.
My apologies for the forward youngster, he might have answered without checking in the repository…

Tom, Airport Editor


ESSB, Stockholm Bromma, Sweden

updated to latest information and standards.



Regards, Tom


Would be nice to see the new Swedish airport, Scandinavian Mountains Airport. The airport doesn’t exist in Infinite Flight at the moment.