Project Saudi Arabia

Project Saudi Arabia

Welcome to the thread for Project Saudi Arabia where us editors try to make Saudi Arabia alive by editing & building the most known airports in the country! Our goal is to have all the airports 3D eventually, but we will start with the known ones first! Hope you enjoy reading this thread!

Current Project Saudi Arabia Airports:

International Airports

Airport Name City Province ICAO Airport Editor Status Reviewer
King Abdulaziz Intl. Jeddah Makkah Province OEJN @IF_Hadi - @RoyalJordanian - @AdamCallow - @NJ24 Released in 21.4/Pending Changes N/A
King Khalid Intl. Riyadh Riyadh Province OERK @IF_Hadi - @Aiden_Forusz 2D In Progress N/A
Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Intl. Medina Al Madinah Province OEMA @IF_Hadi - @Ramzi_Khairan 2D Ready For Release/ 3D In Progress @Rob_M
King Fahd Intl. Dammam Eastern Province OEDF @IF_Hadi Ready For Release @Ecoops123 - @Z-Tube
Abha Intl. Abha Aseer Province OEAB @IF_Hadi - @NJ24 Ready For Release @Levet
Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Intl. Tabuk Tabuk Province OETB @IF_Hadi Paused N/A
Ha’il Intl. Ha’il Ha’il Province OEHL @IF_Hadi Ready For Release @Z-Tube
Neom Bay Neom Tabuk Province OENN @IF_Hadi Ready For Release @Levet

Regional Airports

Airport Name City Province ICAO Airport Editor Status Reviewer
Prince Abdul-Mohsin bin Abdulaziz Yanbu Al Madinah Province OEYN @IF_Hadi Released in 22.6/Pending Changes @Shane
Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al-Qassim Al-Qassim Province OEGS @IF_Hadi - @IF_Jordan Review Stage N/A
Najran Regional Najran Najran Province OENG @IF_Hadi Review Stage N/A
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Jazan Jazan Province OEGN @IF_Hadi Review Stage N/A

Domestic Airports

Airport Name City Province ICAO Airport Editor Status Reviewer
King Saud bin Abdulaziz Al-Baha Al-Baha Province OEBA @IF_Hadi Ready For Release @Z-Tube
Turaif Turaif Northern Province OETR @IF_Hadi Ready For Release @Z-Tube
Al Jouf - Sakaka Al Jouf - Sakaka Al Jouf Province OESK @IF_Hadi Review Stage N/A
Wadi Al Dawasir Wadi Al Dawasir Riyadh Province OEWD @IF_Hadi Ready For Release @Z-Tube
Wejh Al-Wajh Tabuk Region OEWJ @IF_Hadi Ready For Release @Chris_Hoss

General Aviation Airports

Airport Name City Province ICAO Airport Editor Status Reviewer
Rabigh Rabigh Makkah Province OERB @IF_Hadi Ready For Release @Z-Tube

Milirtary Airbases

Airport Name City Province ICAO Airport Editor Status Reviewer
King Faisal Naval Airbase Jeddah Makkah Province OEJF @IF_Hadi Review Stage N/A


In Progresss - Ongoing Work. Still not complete.

Review Stage - Waiting for a reviewer to review and approve the airport. This process takes 2-10 days depending on reviewers availability.

Ready For Release - Airpot is Ready. Any sudden changes might occur.

Paused - Progress on the airport has been Stopped.

Airport Issues

If there are any issues or mistakes with an airport inside of Saudi Arabia, feel free to let me know I’m DMs or in the thread below! DO NOT MESSAGE THE REVIEWER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.


A reviewers job is to provide feedback for issues (if needed) after an airport has entered review stage. Then, the reviewer approves the airport and mark it as ready for release.

Note: Do not message the reviewer if you find an issue with the airport.


Feel free to post some suggestions of airports that you would like to see 3D in Saudi Arabia!

Tracking Threads

Airport Requests

We are not taking requests at the moment. If you would like to edit an airport, i’d suggest reading this topic :)


Good luck!


Thanks Aiden! :)


Nice work, Hadi! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s work.


This looks awesome! Can’t wait to see all of the new possibilities it will open up in the region ☺️. I’m really looking forward to seeing how far this will get!


Looks good,surprised to not see Riyadh however…


i was just about to say-


Thanks Leo!


Saudi is so underrated with only 1 3d airport. I’m going to change that!


I plan on working on OERK & OEDF :)


And here is a WIP shot of Yanbu - OEYN


This is awesome OERK is a nice airport to do and oedf too


I will definitely be doing some domestic Saudi flights when the Saudi’s A330 livery comes out

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Im so excited! My home airport OEYN! Thank you hadi! The a330 dosent fly there but once it was flying there on a busy day!


This looks amazing! Looking forward to help you in the future


Can you make oeab-Abha 3D because my home town airport is Oerk and I always fly to Oeab in real life to see my family it’s a really nice airport and especially since the saudia a330 livery is coming to infinite flight and the a 330 flies there all the time


They already mentioned:)


Can’t wait for the SV A330 😍


My pleasure! Love to see that people like this region!

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We are not taking requests at the moment. Although I don’t see why I shouldn’t work on Abha!

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