Project Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Project Saudi Arabia!

This is a tracking thread for airports reworked by the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team.

Goal: Rework all plausible airports in Saudi Arabia.

“What do you mean by plausible?”: Editors have the right to refuse to edit an airport should there be something they don’t feel comfortable with; it’s too large, imagery is bad, etc. We’ll edit everything we can.

Why Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country with equally beautiful airports. In an effort to increase pilot diversity and improve an underrated region, this ‘official’ project was launched by @Suhas and @Saharsh. Below is a table of edited airports. We may have just started, but it’ll all be worth it at the end. This table and map will be updated as airports are approved.


Airport Status Editor Notes
OE43 Reworked Suhas None
OE45 Reworked Suhas None
OE46 Reworked Suhas None
OE47 Reworked Suhas Airport renamed to OEKJ
OE48 Reworked Suhas None
OE49 Being edited Saharsh None
OE50 Reworked Suhas Airport renamed to OEJL
OE51 Being edited Saharsh None
OE52 Reworked Suhas None
OE53 Reworked Suhas None
OE54 Reworked Suhas None
OE55 Reworked Suhas Airport renamed to OEAD
OE56 Reworked Suhas Airport renamed to OEST
OEAB Reworked Suhas None
OEBQ Reworked Suhas None
OEDR Being edited Major-Tom None
OEGT Reworked Esam_Khaled None
OEHR Reworked Suhas None
OEHW Reworked Suhas None
OEJF Reworked Suhas None
OEKM Reworked Major-Tom None
OENN Reworked Esam_Khaled None
OEOM Reworked Major-Tom None
OEPJ Reworked Aceorbit None
OERR Reworked Esam_Khaled None
OESH Reworked Esam_Khaled None
OETF Reworked Claudio None
OETR Reworked Suhas Airport was completed before start of Project SA.

Airports reworked prior to project start

Airport Status Editor Notes
OEAH Reworked Esam_Khaled None
OEBA Reworked Victor_Winter None
OEDF Reworked kilt_mchaggis None
OEDM Reworked Captainflight None
OEGN Reworked Esam_Khaled None
OEGS Reworked Mauricio_B None
OEHL Reworked dush19 None
OEJN Reworked Oscar_Conklin None
OEMA Reworked Mauricio_B None
OENG Reworked GBKarp None
OEPA Reworked Tsumia None
OERB Reworked Mauricio_B None
OERF Reworked Tsumia None
OERK Reworked kilt_mchaggis None
OESK Reworked Esam_Khaled None
OETB Reworked Esam_Khaled None
OEWJ Reworked Mauricio_B None


Peer Review - After the airport is completed, the editor will send their apt.dat to a #peer-review channel in the IFAET discord, where experienced editors review it before sending to OR (Official Review).

Official Review - After the airport has passed PR, it is sent to OR, where a reviewer, manager, or IFAET leadership member will accept or reject the airport. If accepted, the airport is updated in the next Airport/Nav update.

Map of reworked Saudi Arabia airports:

Saudi Arabia Map
Saudi Arabia - Google My Maps

If you are a current editor and wish to join this effort, please DM @Suhas via IFC or Discord and we’ll add you here. If you are not a current editor, you can start editing if you wish!

Thank you for viewing this topic. Comments, questions, sources, etc. are all welcome. Progress photos will be posted both here and in the Global Airport Tracking Thread. دعونا نعيد صياغة المملكة العربية السعودية!

This topic is Moderator approved. | All graphics done by @Suhas


Please add the New Neom Bay Airport

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Currently, we(Suhas and I) are going in order for airports, like OE49, OE50, OE51, etc. It will be added once we get to it most likely.


I recently got into IFAET (almost a week ago) and will start working on small airports! Lemme know if i can contribute towards this as Saudi is my second hometown… ☺️


I have a proposal: Add Neom Airport (OENN)
Neom Bay Airport is a newly constructed airport close to Sharm El Sheik in Egypt. The city the airport belongs to doesn’t even really exist yet, as it is a project by Saudi Arabia to build a new highly advanced city. The city of NEOM, or also often referred to as “the line” will be a city consisting out of a straight line that is 105 miles long (if I recall correctly), and it will have 3 levels. This project is one to reach the goal of getting economically more independent from oil. It is also part of the project known as Saudi Vision 2030

picture of the planned city:

image of the airport:

It may be hard to get satellite imagery though, as the airport is really new


OENN is not new, the have just reworked it. Recent imagery is available.

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I mean 2019 is pretty new isn’t it?

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There was a airfield back in 2004, may be earlier.
It got a asphalt runway between 2010 and 2015.
Thats not new at all.
Between 2015 and 2019 the build a new runway 1000ft east of the old one and added a larger concrete apron.
New? Not realy.

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But new enough so IF doesn’t have it by default

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i’m still working on it

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Update (3/22): All previous airports completed have been added; current WIP tables are up to date, and the banner has been updated. Thanks again to all the current editors ;)


Good luck 😉


OEOM Um Almelh


Update (4/13): Airport table updated, banner updated, and screenshots linked. أقل من ثلاثين مطارًا متبقيًا!


I have a question, for airports outside the US is it easy to find charts and data like US airports?

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Yes, but it depends on the country which you are finding the charts for and may require some searching for some countries.

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Most countries have something called an AIP (or AIM), which is basically an online database of charts , procedures and notams which are updated every once in while.

Many Asian countries(India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, etc) have nice AIP databases. China is alright too but they have hella airports (ranging from airbases to small civil airports) that have zero info no matter how hard you search.

Most of European airport procedures and stuff are located in EuroControl EUROCONTROL - The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation | EAD Basic

Does not include Russia however. That’s in (Also includes some other countries)

Africa is not so good and Australia sucks.

But, these AIPs usually include more specific info like taxi lights and parking numbers

Unlike FAA charts which are clowns and provide literally no info other than runway lighting and general information (frequencies).


This is true, FAA charts are no bueno. @Populeux_Music, is also a great resource because some AIP websites require a fancy government login that’s hard to access, but Airmate can get you them with only a free login. This is also a good AIP website: Electronic AIPs by Country (Alphabetical) - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Resources - LibGuides at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott Campus

Hope this helps!

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Beside a handful of countries that won’t to make money with everything official airport documents could be found for free by searching for the country name and AIP. Some countries require a pay free registration, that won’t hurt you. The ICAO charts and more important text sections are way more informative then everything you get for the US by FAA.

While this is the Saudi project thread:
For Saudi Arabia official AIP is free of charge available

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In all seriousness, please stay on topic as this is about airport editing in KSA, feel free to ask in #general for any tips though!

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