Project Saturn

What is Project Saturn?
Project Saturn is a name I gave with the hyper-long haul flight I did, the reasoning behind the name Saturn is because my flight plan was literally a ring around our planet, how this was achieved was with careful fuel consumption and planning, I spawned in from Madeira, made a stop at Auckland then directly back, over flying couple of big cities, flying from east to west, that mean it was headwind non stop and the whole process took almost 2 entire days, it was a weird but unique flight so I decided to share it here

Details of the route
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 ( Carbon fibre livery )
Server: Expert
Flight time (total) : 46 hrs 54min
Flight time (split) : 21hrs 50 mins, 25 hrs 4mins

descend into Auckland

over Hong Kong

touch down back at Madeira

over Geneva

fight plan


This is amazing dude, got my respect.

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Saw this on infinitex. Good job.

Huh, neat. I’ve done this exact flight before while competing against @United403, except I didn’t fly back to Spain after lol

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I was thinking to make something like this! Especially with just straight line.
Great job btw

I feel like you just ripped off the name “Project Sunrise”…

This gives me an idea

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oh no wherever Phorza gets a idea it never leads to good.

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“Inspiration” lmao

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Cheers for the respect ✌️

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I don’t think that the amount of free time this person has is ok…

I think it’s awesome 😂
Nothing like a good ol’ challenge ✈️🌎🌍🌏

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I’d do that (if I didn’t have school)

Project Ura-


Project Sahtern

I don’t just sit here all day, I just go do something and come back when it’s time

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Yeah, I usually do long or ultra long haul flights overnight and set an alarm 30min prior when o have to land for refueling.

Congrats on not having a life

Thank you very much, I shall not touch grass anymore 😂

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