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Hello, guys.

OK, It’s the largest country in the world so there are so many international airports, so many domestic airports.

International Airports:

Moscow-Domodedovo UUDD (finished)
Moscow-Sheremetyevo UUEE (план)
Moscow-Vnukovo UUWW

St. Petersburg-Pulkovo ULLI

Ekaterinburg-Koltsovo - USSS (finished)

Sochi - URSS (finished)

Novosibirsk-Tolmachevo - UNNT (being redone)

Krasnodar - URKK (план)

Ufa - UWUU (план)

Samara-Kurumoch - UWWW (план)

Rostov-on-Don - URRR (план)

Mineralnye Vody - URMM (план)

Khabarovsk-Novy - UHHH (finished)

Krasnoyarsk-Emelyanovo - UNKL (план)

Kazan - UWKD (finished)

Vladivostok-Knevichi - UHWW (план)

Irkutsk - UIII (finished)

Kaliningrad-Khabrovo - UMKK (план)

Yakutsk - UEEE (план)

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Khomutovo- UHSS (finished)

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky / Yelizovo- UHPP (finished)

It is the basic list of the most busiest airports in Russia. I think, firstly it is necessary to redone them.


Are you doing this independent of the airport editing team? You are aware that I’m redoing UUDD just now?

i know that you are doing domodedovo but noone creates topic about russian airports

There are over 5k airports to do. We get to them when we get to them. If you feel the urge as Cameron Alonso and you can help by editing them!

Will you do Magadan (UHMM) ?

I already did it :D
Just replying after 2 years lol

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