Project Phoenix - Open Letter / Concept Proposal

Hey IFC, hope your all well

Many Thanks for taking the time to read this, it’s greatly appreciated. If willing please collectively discuss with each other. Furthermore feel free to ask me questions.

Hope you have best festive period possible

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I’m confused on the intentions of this topic. Not 2 be rude or anything

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I think he’s proposing a certain order the aircraft need to be reworked, but I’m confused as to why a majority of the aircraft are back in like ‘13

Those are the dates that the aircraft mentioned were last updated/released

I have to say that I personally disagree with your proposals. The staff can choose to develop whatever they want, and if we disagree with that all we can do is stop our subscription.

I personally feel a more important measure of what should be added next is what the community are voting for as a whole, rather than what a minority of the community want. Just my opinion, though I do not want to become embroiled in a debate about this, we have had enough of those in the past; imho the best thing to do is just appreciate the new aircraft that we get - if you like it particularly, it is just a bonus.

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While I applaud your efforts, I find it unlikely that this will happen - at least in the direct order you’ve listed.

When it comes to a new/reworked aircraft, the devs use multiple factors. This includes, but not limited to, the #features category, statistics from user flights, etc. From time to time (twice so far), a community vote will be held.

Nonetheless, best of luck, and I hope to see some success from your plan!

Note: I am not staff at Infinite Flight. My response was written from facts stated in previous replies throughout the forum.


I think Z-tube said it best.

I am not sure what you are proposing that is any different from #features, staff tracking threads, announcements, and community votes. Can you add some clarification please?


I would read it as a sophisticated way to say that we don’t need new aircraft thanks to the variety of the fleet already waiting to be reworked.

Hi Everyone

The proposal was to start active discussion about equality between all Aviation elements of the IFC, when it comes to the future aircraft development for the Sim.

With the hope of hearing IFC opinions and further discussing potential solutions, with the possible outcome of, more equal opportunities for all groups of the IFC in regard to Aircraft development.

For example if their was a possibility of implementing a “take turn model” for:

Highest voted
•Commercial Aircraft
•Military Aircraft
•Genaral Aviation Aircraft
(In whichever order)

Furthermore it’s my personal opinion that their shouldn’t be any branded minority in the community at all. If we had a solution similar to one’s stated above, I believe this shared issue wouldn’t exist.

Currently as it stands it’s a new commercial aircraft or a Commercial rework.

In addition the drafted table was just an example of format and not attempt to implement a decision.

Note: I am not staff of Infinite Flight (not trying to be), My post was written from & inspired by my personal opinions / discussions with other users on the IFC in the past.

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