Project Pakistan

Welcome to Project Pakistan!

This is a tracking thread for airports reworked by the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team.

Aim: Rework all airports in Pakistan.

Below is a list of edited airports.
Airport ICAO Editor Status
Islamabad OPIS Major Tom Done
Lahore Allama Iqbal OPLA Tamz00 Done
Karachi Jinnah OPKC Tamz00 Done
Peshawar Bacha Khan OPPS Usman A Done
Quetta Samungli OPQT Usman A Done
Multan OPMT Usman A Done
Faisalabad OPFA Usman A Done
Sialkot OPST Unknown Done
Gilgit OPGT Tamz00 Done
Skardu OPSD Usman A Done
Chitral OPCH Usman A Done
Gwadar OPGD Unknown Done
Hyderabad OPKD Usman A Done
Sukkur OPSK Usman A Done
Rahim Yar Khan OPRK Usman A Done
Turbat OPTU Usman A Done
Zhob OPZB Usman A Done
Bahawalpur OPBW Usman A Done
Dera Ghazi Khan OPDG Usman A Done
Moenjodaro OPMJ Usman A Done
Nawabshah OPNH Usman A Done
Panjgur OPPG Usman A Done
Saidu Sharif OPSS Usman A Done
Airport ICAO Editor Status
Nur Khan Airbase OPRN Tamz00 Done
Masroor Airbase OPMR Usman A Being Redone
Faisal Airbase OPSF Usman A Being Redone
Bandari Airbase OP12 Kilt McHaggis Done
Rahwali Airbase OP27 Kilt McHaggis Done
Rajanpur Airbase OP22 Kilt McHaggis Done
GA / Private
Airport ICAO Editor Status
Kadanwari OPKW Usman A Approved & Confirmed
Belab Airstrip OP14 Kilt McHaggis Done
Chashma Airstrip OP19 Kilt McHaggis Done
Dadu Airstrip OP17 Kilt McHaggis Done
Dhingar Airstrip OP28 Kilt McHaggis Done
Gurha Salim Airstrip OP25 Kilt McHaggis Done
Jam Nida Northwest Airstrip OP1A Kilt McHaggis Done
Juzzak Airstrip OP35 Kilt McHaggis Done
Kandhkot Airstrip OP33 Kilt McHaggis Done
Kashmor Airstrip OP31 Kilt McHaggis Done
Khewra Airstrip OP26 Kilt McHaggis Done
Khorewah Airstrip OP16 Kilt McHaggis Done
Kot Addu Airstrip OP18 Kilt McHaggis Done
Mad Jamu Airstrip OP13 Kilt McHaggis Done
Nok Kundi Airstrip OP34 Kilt McHaggis Done
Pano Aqil Airstrip OP37 Kilt McHaggis Done
Robray Airstrip OP36 Kilt McHaggis Done
Thal Airstrip OP23 Kilt McHaggis Done

Map of reworked Pakistani airports:

Pakistan Map
Pakistan - Google My Maps

Thank you for viewing this topic. Comments, questions, sources, etc. are all welcome. Progress photos will be posted both here and in the Global Airport Tracking Thread


Good luck! Would love to fly around Pakistan someday

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Ooo this will be an exciting project 🥳

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Excited for this one my favorite airport!


Wonderful, would love to see Karatchi, Lahore and Islamabad with 3D buildings and fly over my country.

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Hey what kind of changes were made to these airports especially OPIS?

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Im not quite sure, I believe they made it more accurate with taxi lines and parking spots. I could be wrong m.

PIA Maintenance Hangar and Military Shelters were added at OPIS.

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Yay Pakistan 🇵🇰

Would love to see Gilgit and Hyderabad soon

Yeh, gilgit is beautiful i have been there once in real life

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Gilgit is already in the sim :) It just had minor fixes recently.

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Yeah i know. Im just hoping something new on that airport update u know 😉

Another things, ATR would’ve been the perfect plane to fly there 👀

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Is there any way we could add some 3D airport around Pakistan like Lahore, Islamabad or Sialkot i think this wouldn‘t be a very big deal because those aren‘t as big as istanbul for example 😂 I think a lot of people would appreciate it because the scenery over there is just so beautiful☺️

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As for 2D editing there is no way of requesting a specific airport to be edited in 3D.

It is pretty likely that they will try to get major International Airports and well known airports as soon as posible in 3D. At least from what I have noticed been published so far it is well ballanced.

As often, patrience is the key.


3D OPKC 👍🏽 Finally!!’

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…wasn’t edited by any of us in the AET.

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