Project O'zbekiston

Hello everyone, and welcome to Project Uzbekistan!

This is also part of Project CIS

I have been seeing a lack of 3D airports in Central Asia, especially Uzbekistan. Being from Uzbekistan, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create Project O’zbekiston!

Uzbekistan is a beautiful place to fly to. To the northeast, you have the capital- Tashkent. Go a little further and you get to the Ugam-Chatkal national park.
To the west, you have the historical cities of Samarkand and Shahrisabz, where many monuments and historical structures stand to this day, such as Registan and Bibi-Khanim.
In the far west of the country, you arrive at the Aral Sea. Sadly, the sea has dried up to less than a fraction of its original size due to soviet irrigation projects, and the booming central Asian cotton industry. Now, day by day, it is being restored to its former glory with the combined support of the Uzbek and Kazakh governments.

As airports are worked on, they will be added below:

  • UTTT - Tashkent Islam Karimov Int’l Airport [3D Planned]

It’s a little quiet in here for now, but as more airports are ready we’ll have more in the topic :D

Enjoy and if you’re a scenery editor, feel free to choose any airport in Uzbekistan and edit away!


Great Thread! Good Luck with your Project!


Nice to see people working on central asian airports, truly an underrated region!


I love O’zbekiston!

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I have a feeling that all “Stan” countries is going to get completed this year!


Finally getting started on UTNM! Currently it shows up as UT1R, but that will be fixed next update!

I’ll post updates as I go- So far it’s only the runway and a ton of properties edited.

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is any WIP?

Yes, UTNM. It’s Muynak Airport near the Aral Sea

I have just returned from Uzbekistan irl, and with it a ton of pictures…
Many of those pictures are also of airports!

They should help me get Project Uzbekistan moving.

Expect some updates soon :)


Here’s a little teaser of what I’m working on :)


I went to Uzbekistan a few years ago, such an amazing place. Thanks for taking up the project. Unfortunately there tends not to be a lot of traffic when Central Asian airports are in the schedule, but once there are more 3Ds we can have Central Asia-only hubs, which will be great.

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Yep! I’m currently doing Muynak just to practice, and then as soon as I can I’ll start work on Tashkent! Would love to see it busy and full of pilots one day!

Also as a side note for everyone else please vote for the Uzbekistan Airways A320/A321 and 787 liveries! So far we only have the 757 in the game… which is retired!

A very special airport is coming soon…

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With the new update, the first Uzbek 3D airport will arrive! And with it, an epic trailer or two I’ve been working on

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Would be great to see the Uzbekistan NEO added with this aswell!!


Any progress on Tashkent?

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Tashkent isn’t being worked on just yet, however Samarkand is nearing completion. As soon as UTSS is complete, work will start on UTTT!


You have WIP’s of Samarkand?