Project Outback - Connecting Motherland to The Land of The Free

Project Outback

Introducing a new innovation of air travel, featuring the Aeroflot A350 flying from Moscow Sherymento to Melbourne Tullamarine Direct. The flight was around 19 hours and 25 minutes which makes it longer than Perth to London and Singapore to Newark. TRVG strives to make air travel easier and safer than ever for all passengers. So I tested out this flight to see if we could make it work.

Flight Details 🇷🇺 > 🇦🇺

Server: Casual
Flight Time: 19 Hours and 25 Minutes
Departure time: 15:21pm Moscow Time
Arrival Time: 12:20pm Melbourne Time
Airline: Aeroflot
Aircraft: A350
Cruising Altitude: FL380



A nice and smooth departure at Moscow Sherymento

Beautiful Neon while Sunset

Over the Indian Ocean, Good night don’t let the bed bugs bite.

A lovely Sunrise over Perth, just another day in WA

Starting the descent to Melbourne

Stunning View above Melbourne

On final in Melbourne Tullamarine Airport

😁 Finally achieving a flight time of 19 hours and 25 minutes, parked at the gate. Connecting Motherland to Australia.

I am proud to say that I have connected Australians and Russians together and making air travel more convenient and comfortable!

Thanks 😊 for looking at this wonderful topic and I hope you are all inspired to connect the world!


Great job dude. Just curious. In the last pic near runway looks like your plane is not aligned to the centre line. How was your landing?


It actually went on the centre line I just came from right side, lined up to the runway and I buttered the landing which was good @Mervin_Sui

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ok great nicely done then.

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Right traffic means you stick to the right half of the runway? Well, I never. The comment was edited FYI

Nice shots though.


No I meant like I came in from the right side but I eventually alligned with the runway @EyesSkyward I’m sorry if I confused you 😂


Are you sure about that? Because with the altitude in the photo (assuming due to me seeing the shadow) if you lined up last second your wing would be in the runway…


Idk, I lined up with the red squares but landed with a bit of crosswind, but greased the landing luckily

You didn’t confuse me, I think you’re confusing yourself with the terminology. You had the wrong word, that’s all.

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Yeah that’s right 😂, but anyway the people of Mother Russia and Australians returning home are safe and happy that they have made their own achievement by flying their longest flight.


Sorry to say this Sahya, but I like Melbourne over Sydney, just look at that for a view! (no offence at all) Anyways mate, great photos anyway, you truly revealed your own Russia! ;)

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That’s sad you don’t like Sydney but Melbourne is still nice and the inner Russia is just getting started.

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Hey I don’t not like Sydney, I don’t mind it, it’s just not my cup of coffee. However I do have something good to tell you… You’ve leveled up to communist level 2! Yay!

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Awesome photos! Nice name for the flight.

Just wondering, how’d you get this flight time? Cuz like… Sydney to London is 1,500 miles longer and had a similar flight time. Slower flight speed? More headwinds?

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He probably had light weight, but went slower for fuel efficiency, but that’s probably not the case, I should just let him answer the question ;)

i got curious with your question and checked on simbrief and the flight timing should be near to 16 hours. I think if you climb directly (mostly you can’t) the FL380 on such a heavy aircraft without step-climb this can happen.

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Oh but It said around 19hours 25mins

anyways who cares you enjoyed, great pics that’s it.

Yeah that is right

Awesome shots bud! I just did a flight from Bali to Moscow. Im just curious, is the airport name Sherymento or Sheremetyevo?

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