Project Oregon


I present you Oregon. The home of Nike, the home of Columbia Sportswear, home of Alaska Airlines Horizon, and the home of constant rain throughout the year.

One day, @Czechoslovaki was looking on FR24 and he zoomed in on an small airport in Oregon. He then thought, is that airport edited? (not) surprisingly, it wasn’t. He would later find tens of unedited airports in the state, which is why @Czechoslovaki has chosen to begin this project: to restore the aviation pride in Oregon.

Critical airports and their status

Airport Status
KPDX Currently up to date but messy
KSLE In progress by @Czechoslovaki
KHIO Requires a rework for spawns
KEUG Full rework required
KMMV Stuck In Official Review
KMFR In progress by @Czechoslovaki
3S8 Full rework required
KRBG Full rework required

They are also too many more airports in need of a rework so I won’t name them here to save space.

Below is the map of edited airports (colored) and unedited airports (gray).

Disclaimer: Some airports on the map do not actually exist in real life. Please check beforehand if the airport is still in service!
Let’s get to work!


Wow that’s so cool! Keep up the good work👍🏽👍🏽

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Very interesting, will be flying there a lot when this is done :)


I really like to hear about such airport editing projects! Looking forward to see you progress!



I may pop in to edit a few!

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Awesome to see this happening! Oregon is a great area for some relaxing GA flying, something I enjoy doing to relax.

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Cool project! Might try to edit one of these after I finish my first airport (busy cuz of school lol)

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Nice project can’t wait to see the final product

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Great to see Oregon getting some love. Flown in/out of Rouge Valley irl, and in the sim multiple times and would love to see that airport get a rework.

Thanks @Czechoslovaki
-Moosehead :)

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The status of KSLE

KSLE is at this time, the biggest airport I’m working on. 50+ hangars, 100+ future spawns, and many types of taxi lines that I previously never worked with. With school breathing on my neck, I’m chipping away remaining progress whenever I’m able to. I think I’m on day 3 of completing the taxi lines, but even so, I only managed to get less than half of them marked.

1 / 29 / 20

Screenshot (139)

1 / 31 / 20

It was unfortunate for me to find out many of the taxi lines were equipped with the wrong line attribute, so I had to change many of them today. Nonetheless, all taxi lines (excluding Tie-Downs) and taxiways are complete.


Great Job helping Infinite Flight in your free time! 👏

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At last…

It is complete (I think).

Here is KSLE.

100+ Hangar spawns and 100+ Tie-Downs = 200+ spawns

Everything that is green is a spawn.


Our next airport:


Is currently being reworked by me.