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Welcome to Project Oklahoma! This thread is where you can find the latest updates on airports in the state of Oklahoma!

Information about Oklahoma

Population: 4,019,800 (2022) (28th in the US).
Oklahoma was admitted into the union as the 46th state on November 16, 1907.
Official languages are English, Choctaw, and Cherokee.
Oklahoma is the 20th-largest state in the United States, covering an area of 69,899 square miles (181,040 km2).
Oklahoma has 4 commercial airports, 104 GA airports, and 333 private airports (IRL) (2023).

Map of 3D airports in Oklahoma

Yellow - Work in progress
Green - Ready for release/Released

Airport List

Name Aiport ICAO Editor(s) Satus
Nowata Municipal H66 @BurritoLeo Released in 23.1
Pawhuska Municipal H76 @BurritoLeo Released in 22.8
Lawton-Fort Sill Regional KLAW @Adventures, @BurritoLeo Released in 23.2
Lake Texhoma State Park F31 @A320_flyerboy19 Released in 22.7
Will Rogers World Airport KOKC @Asneed8706 Released in 22.5
Falconhead 37K @bbrockairbus WIP
Ponca City Regional KPNC @BurritoLeo Released in 23.1
Tinker Air Force Base KTIK @Asneed8706 Released in 23.1
Tulsa International Airport KTUL @BurritoLeo WIP
Skiatook Municipal Airport 2F6 @BurritoLeo Released in 23.1
Weatherford Stafford Airport KOJA @BurritoLeo Released in 23.2
Christman Airfield O65 @BurritoLeo Released in 23.2
Stillwater Regional Airport KSWO @BurritoLeo Released in 23.3
Tulsa Riverside Airport KRVS @Adventures, @BurritoLeo WIP
Kegelman Air Force Auxiliary Field KCKA @BurritoLeo Released in 23.2
Bartlesville Municipal Airport KBVO @BurritoLeo WIP
Henryetta Municipal Airport F10 @Keshaun_Caldwell Released in 23.3
Harvey Young Airport 1H6 @Keshaun_Caldwell Released in 24.1
Sundance Airport KHSD @Hornet11 WIP
Ardmore Municipal Airport KADM @BurritoLeo WIP

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Please do not request airports unless an editor asks for suggestions.
If an editor would like to have their airport added to the list, please send me a DM.
All editors have been asked for permission to have their airport shared.


Yes my favorite State Oklahoma


Forgotten List

  • Tulsa International
  • Stillwater regional
  • Enid Woodring Regional

I plan to do as many airports in Oklahoma as possible, so stay tuned!

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That’s a lot


I’m planning to go for either Tulsa International or Tulsa Riverside once Lawton is ready for release. I’m not sure though.


I will be doing Tulsa Intl sometime next year if you’re interested in tag-teaming it


I’m so happy to say my 1st airport Pawhuska Municipal Airport (H76), is now ready for release!

Auto-generated H76

3D H76



I know you don’t want suggestions lol… but I would highly recommend KPWA Wiley post in Bethany/OKC. Not too far from Will Rogers and Oklahoma aviation teaches out of there and has a ton of pattern work!


Yep a fair amount of private jets also fly there


😍Looks amazing


I don’t currently have Wiley post on my list of airports I want to do, but if no one takes it I will be sure to consider it!

For my next two airports, I plan to do Nowata and then Skiatook.

Happy 115th anniversary of statehood to my fellow Oklahomans!


I’ve been assigned to Nowata Municipal (H66) for my 2nd airport and will start working on it now!

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Enjoy the new 3D map!


I don’t know if you are ok with suggestions but KOUN is an amazing airport for ga and business type planes. It is also where I do my flight lessons and where OU’s school of aviation is based!

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I actually had already intended on doing Norman so stay tuned!

What Airport should I do next in Oklahoma?

(The poll will be closed on Sunday)

  • Ponca City Regional (KPNC)
  • Skiatook Municipal (2F6)

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Tulsa (10 characters)

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I plan on it, but please choose one of the above, please. lol