Project Norway

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The goal of Project Norway

The goal of Project Norway is to eventually have all airports up to date with both 2D and 3D work. This will hopefully bring more love to this area of the world and see more traffic than we have today.

Current Airports in Progress

Airport Name ICAO Airport Editor Status
Oslo Gardemoen ENGM @Elefanths @Major-Tom @Lawin_S In Progress
Andoya Airport ENAN @Elefanths In Progress
Bodo Airport ENBO @Elefanths In Progress
Stavanger Sola Airport ENZV @Elefanths @Neman_Rahmani In Progress
Svartnes Airport ENSS @lew1s_h02 In Progress
Evenes Airport ENEV @IF.NORWAY In Progess
Ørsta-Volda Airport ENOV @skye In Progress

Current Airports Ready For Release

Airport Name ICAO Airport Editor Status

Released Airports

Airport Name ICAO Airport Editor Status
Kristiansand Kjevik ENCN @Pilot_Dan1 Released in 23.2
Vadsjø Airport ENVD @lew1s_h02 Released in 23.1
Batsfjord Airport ENBS @lew1s_h02 Released in 23.1
Bervevag Airport ENBV @lew1s_h02 Released in 23.1
Alta Airport ENAT @Neman_Rahmani Released in 23.1
Florø Airport ENFL @Neman_Rahmani Released in 23.1
Valle Åraksøyne airfield ENVE @Neman_Rahmani Released in 23.1
Sandane Airport ENSD @Neman_Rahmani Released in 23.1
Rakkestad Åstorp Airport ENRK @Neman_Rahmani Released in 23.1
Kirkenes Høybuktmoen Airport ENKR @Neman_Rahmani Released in 23.1
Haugesund Karmøy Airport ENHD @Neman_Rahmani Released in 23.1
Geilo/Dagali Airport ENDI @Neman_Rahmani Released in 23.1
Svolvær lufthavn, Helle ENSH @IF.NORWAY Released in 23.1
Molde Airport ENML @IF.NORWAY Released in 23.1
Sandefjord/Torp Airport ENTO @Elefanths @IF.NORWAY Released in 23.1
Trondheim Værnes Airport ENVA @Elefanths Released in 23.1
Honningsvåg Valan Airport ENHV @Elefanths Released in 23.1
Fagernes Leirin Airport ENFG @Elefanths Released in 23.1
Vinnu Airport ENSU @Elefanths Released in 23.1
Arendal Gullknapp Airport ENGK @Elefanths Released in 23.1
Svea Airport ENSA @Elefanths Released in 23.1
Bronnoysund Airport ENBN @Elefanths Released in 23.1
Tromsø Airport, Langnes ENTC @Elefanths Released in 22.8
Oian Airport ENMO (EN24 in game) @Elefanths Released in 22.8
Engeloy Airport ENEN @Elefanths Released in 22.8
Fiske Airport EN05 @Elefanths Released in 22.8
Gravvold Airport EN26 @Elefanths Released in 22.8
Stokmarknes Skagen Airport ENSK @Neman_Rahmani Released in 22.8
Jan Mayensfield ENJA @Elefanths Released in 22.7
Rost Airport ENRS @Elefanths Released in 22.7
Ålesund Airport, Vigra ENAL @Elefanths Released in 22.7
Leknes Airport ENLK @Elefanths Released in 22.7
Kristiansund Lufthavn Kvernberget ENKB @Elefanths Released in 22.7
Frøya Flatval Airport ENFA @Elefanths Released in 22.7
Oppdal airport ENOP @Elefanths Released in 22.7
Stord Sørstokken ENSO @Pilot_Dan1 Released in 22.7
Røros Airport ENRO @Elefanths Released in 22.6
Svalbard Longyearbyen ENSB @Saharsh Released in 22.5
Bergen Lufthavn Flesland ENBR @Major-Tom @Moritz Released in 21.8

Most the airports that are ready for release will come in the next update!

Airport Requests

Please note that in this thread suggestions is good, but don’t expect every airport to get built immediately. Airports take a lot of time so patience is key! For lager airports a poll will be created to see what airport people want the most

Credit to @Declan as i used his topic for inspiration :)


Amazing 😻 job guys !!!


Thank you!

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Hope to see my local airport, Kristiansand Kjevik airport sometime!
Keep up the good work

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It definitely on my watch list. I think I’ll make a poll for which airport to do next. It’s either Kristiansand or Ålesund I think, as they aren’t the biggest of airports

I am joining your project, after my current airport, I’ll go full Norway



ENFA has now passed OR and will be released in a future update!


Nice work!
If youre interested in doing ENCN (Kristiansand) , i can help with photos if needed :)

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Definitely on my watch list. I’ll let you know when I start ;)

ENKB Kristiansund kvernberget airport has now been finished and is marked as ready for release!


Looking good!

ENOP Oppdal airport as now been marked as ready for release!

Progress has also begun on Ålesund airport! (ENAL)


If anyone has a small airport in Norway they want to see in 3D let me know and I might make it. For lager airports a poll will come once ENAL and ENVA is done :)


Make ENTO please?

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@Pilot_Dan1 @Elefanths would be nice if ENSO is going 3D… It’s the only Norwegian airport I’m familiar with (thanks to Smithsonian Channel’s “Air Disasters” series).

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It’s already in the works! 😁

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It’s a bit on the larger side. I will make a poll soon with ENCN, ENTO and mabye ENTC and ENZV.

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Which airport would you want to see next in 3D in Norway? Vote below!

  • ENCN
  • ENTO
  • ENTC
  • ENAT

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Looks fantastic 😊