Project New Hampshire

This is for the state of New Hampshire. I have decided to do project NH because It’s my home state. There will be a list of airports which are either being edited, reviewed, or approved
✅ Approved
🔍 In review
⚠️ Being Edited
🔨 Fixing up before resubmission
⭕️ Unknown status

KMHT Manchester-Boston Regional airport ✅
Completed by: @CptNathanHope
KPSM Portsmouth International airport ✅
Completed by: @CptNathanHope
KCON Concord municipal airport ⚠️
Being worked by: @Daniel_Cerritos
KLEB Lebanon Municipal Airport ✅
Being worked on by: @CptNathanHope
KBML Berlin Regional Airport 🔍
Completed on by @Daniel_Cerritos
KASH Nashua Municipal airport
KHIE Mount Washington Regional Airport ✅
Completed by @Daniel_Cerritos
KLCI Laconia Municipal airport
KDAW Skyhaven airport ⚠️
Being worked on by: @Daniel_Cerritos
KAFN Jeffery Municipal Airport
KEEN Dilant-Hopkins Airport
======Non Commercial Airport======
8B2 Twin Mountain Airport ✅
Completed by: @Daniel_Cerritos

If you want to request a Private Airstrip, you must PM me and I will attempt to find it and will create it. REQUESTS ONLY

If any of these airports are being worked on, being reviewed, or already approved, please let me know


Good luck ;)


Good luck, no pressure but the sooner you do then the sooner we get Global.


you know every airport will be in global alltough it hasn´t been redone ;)


Yeah I do. But it will be better if done like this.

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Just as a friendly reminder for everyone here: airports editors do not have any impact on the release date of global flight, as airport editing is a third-party project.


don’t forget 7B3

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The real Manchester airport has already been done 😛
Americans keep copying British names.

Anyway, good luck.


Good project in there :)

Pressure is on, watch out tho, these people at the Airport Editing team do love to take over your projects if you aren’t ‘quick’ with them, I guess a year is too long for one airport. Inpatients (☞゚∀゚)☞

Cool. I used to live in Hanover about fifteen minutes from the Vermont border. I only got to see the Lebanon airport (although whenever I flew I departed from JFK). It will be cool to see how the New Hampshire airports turn out, good luck!

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I wouldnt suggest you to take on a huge project. Since you’ve been redoing KCON for about 4 months now.

Berlin Airport taking shape!
Hangers with the spawn points!
Main ramp area. KBML can support aircraft as large as a Gulfstream G550.

Looking good so far.

I would probably snap some of those nodes to each other, though, because I see some unsnapped ones. PM me if you have any questions on how to do it. :)

Looks great 👍

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It’s official! Berlin Regional Airport has now been submitted for review!

Mt. Washington Regional Airport is currently being redone! I have been editing it since this morning, and this is the current progress :)image
The ramp coming to life! I am still working on it, making the hangers and making all the necessary spawning areas

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After KHIE is done, I plan on doing KCON next :)

progress so far on KHIE! Just making some finishing touches before being submitted