Project New England


Oh I see Gate 8 @CptNathanHope :) btw, just a little note on KMHT. Most of the gates can support aircraft as large as a B752. Gate 4 can handle aircraft as large as a B763ER.
Gates 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 all handle aircraft as large as a B752. Gate 4 can accommodate aircraft as large as a B763 and this was confirmed by the airport itself. Just a little tip on gates and aircraft :)


Haha thanks for that. I’ll make a note. :)


I saw Danielson in your list. I hope you realized that I was not expecting this to improved any. I flew out of Danielson but in Infinite Flight I only land and take off at Class E airports I never taxi.


I decided to do every airport in New England excluding class echo/private airfields (only if requested).

I figured it defeated the purpose of project New England if I’m only doing a select few airports in New England. Yes, it’s a big goal, but I’m having lots of fun with these airports.

Don’t worry, even if you won’t be taxiing around Danielson Airport, I still wanted to make it as detailed as possible for those IF pilots who may live near the airport or know about it from personal experience.


Thank you. You do an excellent job and I for one appreciate everything you do for us.


what is the time table on GF???


We don’t know and the devs probably don’t know either. We’ll just have to wait and see. :)


any clue of when??


No, sorry. No idea of when. :)


Thanks so much for this! Requesting that you add KEWB (New Bedford Regional) in Massachusetts, please and KPVD (TF GREEN) in Providence, Rhode Island. :-)


Hey, I’m no longer taking requests. I’ve decided to just do all the airports in New England (please refer to the list in the first post).

I just completed KPVD a few days ago. It’s currently being reviewed for approval.

You’re a new user so please refrain from commenting in the #developer category as its only for Infinite Flight contributors such as airport editors.

Welcome and enjoy your stay. :)


Update: KMHT is shaping up. :)


Are you going to do KMMN?


KMMN isn’t an ICAO code for an airport.

If you mean Minute Man Air Field, which is a class echo airport, (6B6) then I can add it to the list. :)


Hm Wikipedia said KMMN a while back so… but yeah that’s a cool airport


Update: KMHT is nearing completion! Service roads are next plus a few more gates. :)


Sorry. Just a quick question.
Does completed mean that it will be in Global when it is released?
Yes I know "all airports will be in Global"
I just wanted to know if what you had marked as completed will be in the release.


Yes, whatever airports are stricken has been edited and is currently in the database will be present in global. :)


Thank you.


We will try to get as many airports redone that are important for global. There will still be airports being redone when global releases, so not every airport will be redone after global releases.