Project New England


KBOS – Boston-Logan International Airport (Boston, MA).

Overview #1

Overview #2

Other Previews:

Terminal A & Terminal A Satellite

Terminal B

*gates B5 and B15 were removed due to construction.

Terminal C

*updated Cape Air ramp

Terminal E

North Cargo & General Aviation Ramp & Hangars

South Cargo, Juliet Hold Pad, JetBlue De-Ice Ramp & Runway 14 Approach Hardstands:

I decided to come back to this airport for a full overhaul completely from scratch. You will notice an increase in ground markings around the ramp areas, especially for the gate parking lead-in lines. I added markings to the Cape Air ramp to make the area more defined and visible to the user (see image below). Finally, the airfield has also been updated to reflect the recent A380 infrastructure enhancements such as widened taxiways (gates were added in the previous update).

Updated Cape Air Ramp at Terminal C

*Newer markings & passenger walkway has been added.

I will most likely not edit this airport again until the Terminal B expansion project is completed which is estimated for January 2019. The updated airport will be available to Infinite Flight sometime next month – enjoy! :)

P.S. Stay tuned for other airports in the project too.


KLWM – Lawrence Municipal Airport (Lawrence, MA).

Overview #1

Overview #2

Other Previews:

South General Aviation Ramp & Hangars

North General Aviation Ramp & Hangars

Lawrence Jet Center FBO


KAQW – Harriman-and-West Airport (North Adams, MA).

Overview #1

Overview #2

South Ramp

North Ramp


1B9 – Mansfield Municipal Airport (Mansfield, MA).

Overview #1

Overview #2

East Ramp & Hangars

West Ramp & Hangars

I believe this is your local airport @Padi3_14. Correct me if I am wrong though. :)


KGHG – Marshfield Municipal Airport - George Harlow Field (Marshfield, MA).

Overview #1

Overview #2

Ramp, FBO & Hangar


My local airport is actually 9B1, Marlborough airport, which I made two years ago back when I was on the team still. Although I’m sure I live near to this airport.


Ah! I knew it was some M-town in Mass. (too many of those lol). Well that’s good you did your own local field. I’ll add it to the project tracking sheet and also add your name to the contributors list. :)


KPSF – Pittsfield Municipal Airport (Pittsfield, MA).

Overview #1

Overview #2

Lyon Aviation FBO

General Aviation Ramp & Hangars


KBAF – Westfield/Barnes Regional Airport (Westfield/Springfield, MA).

Overview #1

Overview #2

South General Aviation Ramp & Hangars

East Auxiliary Military Ramp

North General Aviation Ramp & Hangars

Gulfstream Aerospace Ramp & Hangars

Rectrix Aviation FBO Ramp & Hangars

Massachusetts Army National Guard Ramp

Massachuetts National Guard Ramp


KGBR – Walter J. Koladza Airport (Great Barrington, MA).

Overview #1

Overview #2

Grass Tie-Downs



Great work as always… I’ll have another airport I can hop over to from 7B2. Keep it up. :)


KTAN – Taunton Municipal Airport - King Field (Taunton, MA).

Overview #1

Overview #2


Main Ramp Tie-Downs & Hangars

King Field Hangar

This is the final edited airport for the state of Massachusetts.


3B1 – Greenville Municipal Airport (Greenville, ME).

Overview #1

Overview #2



Hi @Nathan , Not sure if this is the right place for this, but after update yesterday, I noticed two ATC changes/bugs in the Project New England Region.

When you contact ATC in boston it is now “General Edward… tower…ground”
It should be Boston Tower, Boston Ground

I flew into HYA before updating and had no issue with HYA Unicom, however after updating I flew the same route from BOS, and HYA Unicom did not show up as an option .


Hey, Jonah!

As I had recently redone the airport, I had renamed the airport to its official one – General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport. It was previously just Boston Logan International Airport which would pronounce the frequencies as “Boston Logan xxx” etc.

In Infinite Flight, the frequencies are automatically named based on the first two words in the airport’s title. In this case, that would be “General Edward.” Rest assured that I have the custom names of the frequencies though. It’s only up to the developers to support these “customs” names. It’s out of my control at this point.

Custom frequency names are accurate.

In regards to this, I am unsure what the issue is here. HYA has not been changed since it was last edited. I checked the file in the database and the Unicom frequency is listed. I just spawned at HYA and could connect to HYA Unicom. This must be a client-side issue. I suggest restarting your device or reinstalling Infinite Flight if you need to.

Thanks for bringing this up to my attention nonetheless!


One last thing… obviously the updated imagery for logan was released after you made the updates :)


Yes, this update was a major rehaul. I did everything from scratch again and added a lot more details as you can see around the gate areas including the Cape Air ramp (something you had pointed out a while back). I also removed gates B5 and B15 as those are currently closed because of the Terminal B expansion project on the legacy-US Airways side.

I won’t revisit the airport again until the expansion is completed in early 2019 (if imagery is available). I’m glad you’re enjoying the new version!


KCAR – Caribou Municipal Airport (Caribou, ME).

Overview #1

Overview #2



KSFM – Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport (Sanford, ME).

Overview #1:

Overview #2:

West Hangars:

North & East Ramp and Hangars:


KOLD – Dewitt Field, Old Town Municipal Airport (Old Town, ME).

Overview #1:

Overview #2:

General Aviation Ramp & Hangars:

Edited by @Balloonchaser.