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Wow, I actually wasn’t aware of this. Makes complete sense though since the legacy-US Airways side of B has 2 gates (B5 and B7) currently unavailable due to the Terminal B renovation and expansion project. American Eagle and PenAir used to operate out of those, now, closed gates. Now they’re on the legacy-American Airlines side for the time being.

Thanks for sharing the pictures! :)

Request has been denied.

Reason being is because I’ve already added the spots for Cape Air. I may go back and add a white border to signify their ramp easier.

There are no taxi lines for the parking spots because I don’t believe there are any from what I’ve seen on satellite imagery. If you got a closer look at the Cape Air ramp and saw parking taxi lines, please let me know.

Edit: After a much closer look, I do in fact see the lines on the satellite imagery. Will add those ASAP – thanks.


It looks like there are small markings for cape air, like a white “T” if you look at the google earth imagery from 4/2017


Yeah I found 'em no worries.

Will add those ASAP – thanks.


0B1 – Bethel Regional Airport (Bethel, ME)

Overview #1:

Overview #2:


1B0 – Dexter Regional Airport (Dexter, ME)

Overview #1:

Overview #2:



Are you also going to add the changes to gate 36?


Wait are they still adding airports


All the airports are available in Infinite Flight. The goal of the airport editing team is to improve/redo the default files. You can find out which airports have been edited on I also recommend you to check out the following topic for a better explanation.


What changes need to be done exactly?


Ok thanks I was wondering


1B0 has been rejected due to a multitude of design issues.



Airport Editing Supervisor


The current space is divided into 2-3 parking spaces with lines. As referenced in my earlier post.


I cannot add those modifications. Though you have them in your picture, satellite imagery does not have them since it is not current.

Until imagery is updated, the gate will have to stay as is.


I’m curious about Nashua’s Boire Field (KASH) @Nathan
How is KASH coming along?


Haven’t started it yet. Check airport statuses here:

*Updated frequently.


Is it possible to submit waypoints for New England airports to be added/fixed etc?


I can answer this:

We are aware of the missing waypoints.

We cannot add them at the moment though because our navigation database for fixes and waypoints is currently under reconstruction. As soon as it is fixed, we will go back to add missing navigation data.


Nathan please let me know whatever VirtualBlue can do to help. We’ve had a transition at the VA and we’re looking to do whatever we can to fix waypoints/SID/STAR/ILS along all the Virtual Blue Routes (and others too of course)

If it would help down the line, I can send our route .txt file to someone so they can have a look see what’s missing. I’ve posted examples below of our route database for Boston.


Not sure how the new fixes and waypoints database will be at the time so I’m unsure if any help would be needed.

Navigation editors are still standing by for an update.


How can one send lists of waypoints in for edits? For instance some are off by the “+/-“ factor so they exist but they’re half a world away. Others either don’t exist or are erroneous. I don’t have a laptop at the moment-is the editing team able to do the github stuff via iPad? And even then is the database “static” until IF has an update or is it something that’s “refreshed” each time IF is launched? Cause I’ll gladly take the time to add in points I know of.


There are some waypoints with the same name and are in different locations.

I’m afraid not.

All navigation and airport data is pushed during each update for the simulator. Some updates may not have a scenery push though such as the previous update we had.

This may be changed in the future though where scenery can be updated more often without a game update.